Christmas Cookies: More Goodies to Share

Christmas is a week away and the need for goodies seems to be escalating! So back to the 31 Days of Christmas Cookies project I go.

Of course, the very first treat on my list is yesterday’s recipe for Banket Bites.

Day 18: Banket — the Grandma recipe of all time in our family

Day 19: Almond Bars — These bars are the richer, more decadent relative to Banket

Day 20: Dream Bars — Oh. my.

Day 21: Sherri’s Sugar Cookies — Simple and buttery; the best recipe I’ve found for sugar cookies

Day 22: Amazing Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies — almost terrifying in their decadent goodness

Day 23: Coconut Sunflower Seed Butter Cookies — a favorite recipe from Auntie Karen

Day 24: Nell’s Lemon Bars — my own dear Grandma’s specialty and one of my favorites

And if you’re still trying to do last minute gifts out of your kitchen, my friend Sarah has some great ideas:

So many delicious recipes, so many gifts to make, so little time…..

ornaments and Christmas cookies


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