Chinese New Year’s Feast

Yes, I know that Chinese New Year‘s is done, but I’m here to report on the feast that our homeschool history Explorers had to celebrate it.  I’ll post recipes and link them as I go.

For starters, our group, Explorers, is a group of five families with boys, ages 5 to 14, who do history together (in more ways than one.)  Every year since we’ve started, we’ve had some sort of feast–Babylonian stew and bonfire night, Medieval Feast, Renaissance Banquet. This year we’re studying Eastern-Hemisphere history and geography, and just concluded our unit on China, so our feast was a celebration of Chinese New Year‘s. Our dishes had an extra note of authenticity because one of the moms in our group is originally from China.

Here’s what we ate:


Hot and sour soup


Shrimp Chips


Spring Rolls with Shrimp and….


Peanut Sauce for dipping


Potstickers with pork and vegetables


Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs


Clockwise, from top: Hot and Sour Soup, Potstickers, Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Chinese cabbage salad, Vegetable-fried rice, Shrimp Chips, Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce


Please check back to see the recipes as I get them up!



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