Pressed smoked salmon, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches

These pressed sandwiches are so amazingly delicious and so incredibly fast to make that I can’t imagine ever running out for fast food again. Loaded with smoked salmon, fried egg, bacon, and cheese,  these sandwiches are really filling and a good meal-on-the-run.

I made these sandwiches on my sandwich press but they would also be good under the broiler or in a skillet.

I started with slices of crusty sourdough bread.

I slathered the bread with Caesar salad dressing. We like using Caesar dressing rather than mayonnaise but mayo would certainly work. Plain yogurt is a yummy alternative too.

Then I put two slices of cooked bacon on one slice of bread. On the other slice, I put a thin layer of smoked salmon. I try to keep a couple of packages of Trader Joe’s smoked salmon in the freezer at all times. They have the best price on smoked salmon year round. Really, the smoked salmon is the magic ingredient in these sandwiches and will make people go, WOW!

bacon and smoked salmon on a sandwich

Then I put a couple of fried eggs on top of the bacon and some cheese on top of that.

two fried eggsfried eggs and cheese top these pressed sandwiches

At this point, I very, very carefully put the two halves together and put the sandwich on the sandwich press. I could have just put some cheese on both sides and put the sandwich under the broiler in the oven or I could have put the sandwich in the skillet with a dab of butter. I prefer the sandwich press because it’s easiest, but if you don’t have one, that’s easy to work around.

Once the cheese is melty and the bread is crusty and toasted, I remove the sandwich from the heat. This is the right to time slide in a few slices of tomato or even some sliced onion into the sandwich. I don’t like putting them in the sandwich earlier because they make the sandwich soggy.

pressed sandwich

I have one more trick that I want to share. Sometimes two big slices of sourdough is just more bread than I feel like eating. If that’s the case, then I just leave the top piece of bread off. If I’m really careful, the sandwich press will just make the cheese crispy but won’t actually pull the sandwich apart. This is also really easy to do when you put the sandwiches under the broiler.

open-faced sandwich

The variations on these sandwiches are endless and tasty. And did I mention easy? This is such an easy dinner. Any combination of meat and cheese works. You can also make an all-vegetable sandwich if you saute some onions and peppers first. Those make a wonderful add-on for a meat sandwich too.


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  1. We are eating this tonight for dinner! We were given some Smoked Salmon from Alaska and this recipe is perfect for it! Thanks for sharing!

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