Last Minute Easy Easter Table Decorations

Okay, I’ll be honest. I don’t do well with table decorations for special holidays. I’m really much better with creating great food and leaving the decorating to someone with a little more creativity in that department. This super cute Easter basket caught my eye last Tuesday when my friend, Amy, brought it to decorate an Easter brunch table. This is a super easy last-minute centerpiece that has the added benefit of being inexpensive.

What you’ll need for your Easter Centerpiece

  • 1 basket
  • 1 pkg of bamboo skewers
  • multiple packages of Peeps, as many colors as you can find
  • plastic grass
  • block of florist’s foam

Start with a basket…the Easter-ier the better. Stick a block of florist’s foam in the middle. Heap piles of the fake Easter grass around and over the foam.

Now take the package of bamboo skewers and stick them in randomly until they’re evenly spread over the florist’s foam.

Open the packages of Peeps and skewer one Peep on each bamboo skewer. Try to mix the colors around as much as possible.

Easter centerpiece

The best part of this centerpiece, is of course, letting the kids eat the Peeps after your Easter dinner!


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