Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!


Our mom!

We want to take this opportunity to wish our mom a very happy Mother’s Day! Mom taught both of us the basics of cooking. Probably more important, we learned from Mom something that nobody can actually TEACH: we learned the ART of resourceful, using-what-you-have, making-do, creative food preparation for those we love. Both of us are remarkably adept at “figuring it out” when it comes to feeding people and we owe that to Mom.

And actually, we also owe our grandmothers a debt of delicious gratitude as well. Those women, both gone on to their eternal reward, laid the groundwork of an ethos of feeding people as a way of life. I’m sure they learned this from THEIR mothers. The cooking women in our family have forever shaped the landscape of eating (not to mention the shape of our hips!) in our extended family.

I’m also thankful to my mother-in-law, Jean, who has provided me incredibly delicious, fabulous recipes over the years. Of even more value, Jean has been an appreciative audience for some of my more adventurous cooking efforts. Some people are just rewarding to feed because they really know and appreciate good food…that’s my mother-in-law. So Happy Mother’s Day to Mom-in-law too!

I know that Laura’s cooking has been profoundly influenced by HER mother-in-law’s penchant for stocking fabulous, high quality, unusual ingredients in her pantry. Laura has inherited some great recipes and those have been incorporated into our family menu planning.

And then there are the aunties….I don’t know where to start. Auntie Joan taught me to make cinnamon rolls when I was eleven and Auntie Shirl has given me some of my very best, most spectacular recipes over the years. My recipe folder is FULL of recipes from both these aunts.

Another important cooking influence in my life is a woman that my children call Auntie Karen. Auntie Karen taught me invaluable skills when I was a newlywed, just learning how to cook for a family. For years, I knew that no matter what question I had about food, Auntie Karen could answer it. One of the most satisfying days of my life was when I was telling someone about knowing that Karen could always answer my questions and that person said to me, “Well, YOU have become that person for me! I always know that I can get the answers to food questions from you!”

All the way around, it’s hard to overstate the degree of influence our moms, moms-in-laws, grandmothers, and aunties have had on us. Let’s just say….if it weren’t for them, THIS kitchen wouldn’t even be open!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love you all,

Barb and Laura