Making Homemade Crostini


Now that I’ve discovered homemade crostini (that’s Italian for “little toasts”) I’ll never buy crackers again! These crunchy little slices of toasted baguettes are delicious and SO easy!

Stack of homemade crostini

I used a leftover whole wheat baguette and a stale bun but any leftover unsliced bread (or even large buns) will work. The trick is to cut the baguette into very thin slices that are between 1/8″ and 1/4″ thick. You really do want these to be crunchy cracker-like little toasts. It can make the baguette a little easier to slice if you stick it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes.

sliced baguette for homemade crostini

Oil, herbs, and day-old bread are the ingredients of homemade crostini

After you slice the bread or baguette, arrange the slices on a pizza stone or insulated cookie sheet.  Using a pastry brush (I used a silicon brush for this) brush each piece with a little olive oil.

crostini brushed with oil

Now the fun begins. You can just sprinkle a little sea salt on the slices OR you can mix a few herbs together to create the exact flavors you want. Tonight, I mixed some garlic powder, sea salt, and rosemary. Italian herbs are another great flavor for these tasty crostini. Sprinkle this mixture with a light hand.

crostini sprinkled with herbs

Bake the bread slices in a 300° oven for 30-40 minutes. You don’t need to turn these slices over but you should keep an eye on them towards the end of the baking time. I like my crostini a dark golden brown and crispy. Be careful not to let these little toasts get too dark or burn.

crostini out of the oven

If flavoring the homemade crostini started the fun, TOPPING the homemade crostini is the rest of the fun. Tonight I had some slices of cheese and summer sausage as well as some bleu cheese crumbles to top these toasts.

crostini wtih bleu cheesecrostini with cheese

These are absolutely delicious when topped with a dab of pesto or some cream cheese and roasted red peppers. A little hummus would also be fabulous. Really, any kind of crab dip or sour cream-based dip would also be delicious. Some marinara sauce is a delicious simple topping too.

You know, you can pay $3.49 for a bag of crostini in the bakery section of your grocery store or you can make your own. One of the things that I LOVE about making my own crostini is that it’s just one more way to creatively use leftovers!


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11 thoughts on “Making Homemade Crostini

  1. And larger slices of leftover sour dough French make wonderful croutons. I butter, then cube stale bread (on those rare occasions that there is leftover bread), season and bake.

  2. I love crostini, but always cringed at the price. Can’t wait to hit the deck with a basket of homemade with different toppings, a bottle of wine and some girlfriends! Thank you so much!

    • Unadilla Barb, I was just thinking about you earlier this week….it’s good to know that you still stop by from time to time!

  3. i love your site..found it when i was making amish bread..however, is there a way to print the recipe for the crostini? of course i can hand write it but i’m lazy i guess

  4. Thank you for the recipe ~ they’re in the oven! I used gluten-free bread; a loaf of onion bread that is quite heavy to begin with, so it was easy to slice up thin. If you think store-bought crostini is spendy, try gluten-free crostini (or anything gluten-free, for that matter). I wasn’t sure how to make crostini and I’m glad I found this easy and fun recipe. Crostini is so tasty! They’ve been doing this in Europe forever.

  5. Recap: cappymoon’s crostini. It was super tasty but rather hard and overly crunchy. I guess if you make crostini out of gluten free bread, the very dense kind, that is – it should be sliced really thin (1/8″ instead of 1/4″) … I won’t take it to my christmas party with my liver pate and smoked salmon spread, I’ll opt for GF crackers instead, but we will still enjoy it here at home… It really does taste good!

    • I always store crostini in an airtight container or a completely sealed ziplock back. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how well it stores and how crispy and crunchy they are.

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