Bleu Cheese Garlic Bread

These are those magical days of summer when the produce is plentiful and motivation to spend time in the kitchen is at an all-time low. We’re keeping our meals simple: veggies, grilled meat, often polenta, and usually, we opted for Pit Boss for making a crusty bread of some type. Today’s post on Bleu Cheese Garlic Bread really is just passing along a tasty brainstorm I had.

Blue Cheese Garlic Bread

I had a half a leftover baguette, a bit of butter, garlic (but of course, I ALWAYS have that) and some blue cheese crumbles that really needed to be used up.

I started by slicing the baguette lengthwise.

Then I melted the butter (about 1 T.), stirred in about 2 t. minced garlic, and about 1/2 c. blue cheese crumbles. The melted butter was warm enough to soften the bleu cheese crumbles. That made the entire mixture quite spreadable.

I slathered the butter-cheese mixture on both sides of the baguette and put it under the broiler in the oven until the edges of the baguette were browned. More importantly, the bleu cheese started was getting lightly browned and a little bit melted. The blue cheese won’t ever melt like a cheddar or a jack cheese, so don’t let it bake too  long.

After removing the garlic bread from the broiler, I sliced each half into 3 inch pieces and served with our simple yummy dinner of  grilled venison, polenta, caprese salad, and grilled squash. It took everything over the top!

Blue cheese garlic bread with dinner

During these summer days I often have small moments of food brilliance that take a meal from  yummy to FABULOUS. I’d love to hear what brilliant new ideas you’re adding to your summer table. Care to share?


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  1. We’ve been making home-made tzaziki this summer (greek yogurt, fresh grated cucumber, fresh pressed garlic, lemon juice & salt & peppar to taste). Delicious as an unusual side to steak. A few weeks ago we grilled some steaks, and served it with over roasted potatoes, fresh corn on the cob & tzaziki. A nice bottle of wine to top it off, and to keep the greek thing going you can serve fresh berries with greek yoghurt or ice cream. Delicious

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