Hearty Fall Breakfasts

Whether you have a kindergartner who needs a good breakfast, a swimmer who needs fuel, a homeschooled student who needs some solid protein, or a college student who heads out the door to a 14-hour day, most of our students need a good hearty breakfast once school starts back up in the fall. It’s sometimes a challenge to think of nutritious breakfasts that are quick and easy, can be made ahead, or are self-serve. Here are a few breakfast tricks in the MSK bag these days:

Homemade Granola

Easy Self-Serve Breakfasts:

I love Self-serve Breakfasts at this point in my life. My kids are all old enough that they really don’t need me to make breakfast for them. It sure makes everyone’s life easier, however, if we have a few staples on hand.

Easy-to-make Quick Breakfasts:

These breakfasts take just a few minutes to throw together.

Make-ahead breakfasts:

All of these breakfasts can be made ahead and frozen.

Some of these recipes can be made, baked, and portioned out before freezing. All that is required on a busy morning is a quick reheat.

Some of these muffin recipes can be made ahead of time, stored in the fridge and baked up on-demand each morning. Nothing like fresh-baked hot muffins for breakfast!

Some of these can be made and frozen before baking. These might take a little bit longer to bake but still require no morning-of prep.

I grew up hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m sure that someone could debate that but I’ve watched how much harder a school day is on an empty stomach. The only reason, in my house, that someone starts a school day with an empty tummy is that they’ve CHOSEN not to eat because of being late, too busy, or just not interested in grabbing breakfast.
What are the favorite breakfast foods at YOUR house?

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5 thoughts on “Hearty Fall Breakfasts

  1. All these recipes make me so very happy. I’ve been in a breakfast rut for way too long. This stuff definitely beats yet another boiled eggs and bacon breakfast. (nttawwt).

  2. I like all of those ideas. I went looking for pumpkin this week and came home empty handed. I talked to two store managers who told me that they weren’t optimistic about this year being any better than last year. Is it selfish to buy every can of pumpkin on the shelf, if you do find any? 🙂

    • This note is for Carol: I have made several pumkin recipes and even sweet potato recipes using cooked puree’d carrots instead. It works fine, in recipes with spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves…Pumpkin pie, muffins… that stuff. For years we couldn’t get pumpkins, still can’t really just some sort of squash (which works too, if the color is right). And so we learned some tricks. You don’t have to live with out pumpkin muffins!

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