Saving Money on Groceries

Saving Money on Your Grocery BillSometimes my grocery money disappears so fast it’s almost as if we’ve been gobbling dollar bills and quarters for dinner! I’m a pretty good shopper, but I’m always looking for new ways to save like doing more intelligent purchase or creating a budget.

For starters, I do as much shopping at the jumbo warehouse stores as I can. I hear friends explain why they actually spend MORE money at Sam’s Club or Costco over time but for me, that’s not how it works. Yes, I might spend more dollars buying five pounds of mozzarella than if I bought ONE pound of mozzarella. But per pound, shopping at the warehouse stores saves me a ton of money. The best curb on impulse buying at those places is taking advantage of their Click-n-Pull service. At Sams Club, I can pick up my Click-n-Pull order at the front of the store and never have to even walk by the things that might tempt me to overspend.

I also always look in the dented can section of the grocery store. Sometimes when products get very close to their pull-dates, my local market will mark them way down. When that happens, I buy up! The trick is NOT buying products I wouldn’t ordinarily purchase. If I wouldn’t usually buy something, it’s usually a waste to stock up on that item just because it’s on sale.

Every grocery store that I know now has their weekly ads online so I always check online for the best price on an item that I know I need to buy anyway. Some stores will send out emails with their ads as well if you sign up. “My” grocery store, Ingles Market, sends out an email with specials that are available to me when I swipe my little Ingles card. Some of these deals are GREAT deals.

Planning out meals is an important factor for me in keeping my grocery costs down. Planning ahead means that I can shop according to what’s on sale, I can plan leftovers back into the next day’s meals, and I actually have A Plan when dinner time rolls around. Meal planning definitely helps me be frugal.

The last big savings zone is in coupons. I actually don’t use coupons much at this point. There are very few coupons for produce, for staples, for the fresh stuff. I rarely use name brands (I have found that Laura Lynn, the Ingles Market store brand, is actually as good or better than the name brands for many products). Lastly, I live in a fairly small town so I don’t have access to a lot of different stores. Careful shopping accomplishes as much as couponing at this stage in my life. BUT….there was a time and a place when I saved a TON with coupons.

Here are some sites that various friends have shared with me. I can’t vouch for everything or every link on these sites but they’ve proven helpful.

Sites for groceries:

Sites for meal planning:

Sites for trading things or recycling things; keep in mind that not every person on the internet are as they appear, so exercise common sense in meeting or communicating with strangers:

General money-saving sites:

There are many, many more sites in all the different categories, but these’ll get you started.

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I’m sure that some of you have favorite sites for coupons, meal planning, or just general savings. If you put a link in the comments, I’ll add it to this post. Let’s help each other make every grocery dollar count!


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9 thoughts on “Saving Money on Groceries

  1. thanks Barb!
    Another new thing we are trying is Zaycon foods. Direct delivery of high quality products in bulk quantity. Their next ‘event’ here in Oregon is 40lbs of fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.49/lb. A great price. You need storage, but for our family of six a great deal. Check out this link for more info, or to register for Zaycon events in your hometown. I think they have them around the country.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Barb. The only thing that I purchase at Sam’s is the yeast and some of the baking items. Other than that I stick with Aldi and local sales. I’ve been working hard at sticking with our budget and I’ve been able to keep it under a $100 per week for a family of 5 (3 teens).

    • Terri, hats off to you for budgeting that well! I’m so impressed! I probably should have mentioned that there are only certain things I buy from Sams. Yeast is definitely one of those things. I’ve also found that butter, cheese, peanut butter, and those big tubs of organic spring salad mix or fresh spinach are soooooo much cheaper at Sams than anywhere else.

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