Planning a Timeline for Thanksgiving Week

A few years ago I wrote about the timeline I follow for preparing a giant Thanksgiving Feast. This year, I revisited that timeline because suddenly, Thanksgiving week is HERE and I’m feeling unprepared. I was out of town for 4 days last week so I’m scrambling a bit this week.

I want to suggest that you DO visit Planning a Timeline for Preparing a Thanksgiving  Dinner.

Don’t be discouraged if you realized that you’re already DAYS behind schedule because so am I this year! So this morning, it was time to start making lists, lists, and more lists!

Right now, my priorities are the following:

  • Bringing order to our disordered house. Yikes! I’m recruiting my kids to help with this. I started by making a list of every single task I’d like to see done before guests arrive for dinner on Thanksgiving Day. The list may look long, but because each task is bite-sized, it feels doable. It’s also easy for me to specifically assign certain tasks to certain boys.
  • Thawing everything that needs to be thawed. In a word, the turkey.
  • Shopping. Most years I realize that I’ve forgotten some small but important item. For instance, it’s not uncommon for me to forget to buy whipping cream to top the pies with. Some of the other easy-to-forget items include: decaf coffee, candles, celery, and cream for coffee. And yes, I must confess that I still need to buy my turkey.
  • Baking. In the next two days I’m trying to bake the different potatoes, saute the onions and celery for stuffing, and bake the pumpkin for the pies. Getting this done ahead of time really helps a lot.

So….all I have to do is DO the work now that I have it all planned out!


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