Don’t forget the cornstarch! (and other last minute warnings)



Have you done your shopping for Thanksgiving dinner? Chances are most of you are like me and have forgotten something. I’ve been back to the store two more times because I realized I didn’t have enough onions. Oops, or celery. And doggone it, the sour cream in the fridge is off so I need to go back again. Actually, I also just realized that I don’t have enough foil to really cover the turkey while it’s roasting. So yes, I’m definitely heading back out. cornstarch for gravy

If this is your first Thanksgiving dinner, it’s especially important to sit down and make some lists. Go over each dish and and make sure you have all the incidentals….like cornstarch for the gravy, whipping cream for the pie,  stock for the stuffing, and any of those easily overlooked items that need to be on the shopping list . Think through the extras like aluminum foil and candles and a big aluminum roaster pan. Remember, especially if you don’t make much gravy throughout the year, it’s a good thing to have cornstarch on hand. Got it in your cupboard? Great!

Thanksgiving dinner seems to be the most difficult holiday when it comes to forgetting things. EVERYTHING is closed on Thanksgiving. If you forget whipping cream for your pie, you probably won’t be able to run out at 4:30 PM to buy it.

Today is the right day to sit down and double-check your menu. Reread the recipes. Double-check your pantry. Do you have all the ingredients? All the tools you need?



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