Looking Ahead to 2012

I’m not real big on New Year’s Resolutions (although I did have some fun thinking about what kind of New Year’s Revolutions I wanted to be part of!) but the first two weeks of January are a time when I look ahead and sort of come up with a Plan. Of course it’s always a flexible Plan because my life demands flexible. I thought I’d let y’all in on some of the things that we’re looking ahead to here in My Sister’s Kitchen:

  • I want to learn how to make Ebelskivers. Or use my Ebelskiver. Or something. I don’t even know if that name refers to the device that makes it or the food it makes.  Until I got this cool toy for my birthday, I had never even heard of such a thing, but now I’m seeing references to Ebelskiver everywhere! It LOOKS like there’s enormous scope for creativity here!
  • EbelskiverI want to meet some of the local chefs and bakers in our town.
  • I have a new camera that I’d like to become better at using.
  • I want to explore the world of homemade Nutella. I’ve had one disastrous experiment already and I’m sure there must be a way to do this successfully. And of course that will just lead me into other things like chocolate almond butter….all of which I plan to share with you.
  • My husband has been experimenting with making homemade kale chips. I’ve always been a little nervous around kale…some bad childhood memories have kept me from really embracing this vegetable. I am cautiously optimistic. I want to learn more.
  • I want to explore the world of juicing. We had some amazing concoctions during the month of December and I’d like to capture some of the different delicious combinations in the form of recipes. I’d also like to learn about how different fruits and veggies might fill certain needs.
  • I’ve heard rumors that Laura has had a Big Cooking Adventure involving homemade Tamales. I can’t WAIT for her to publish that recipe because I love, LOVE, love tamales! I’d love to be able to make them instead of buy them!
  • I want to learn more about gluten-free cooking/baking because I have quite a few people in my life who are on very strict gluten-free diets. I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite websites for that.
  • Over Christmas I was introduced to different kinds of salt….black salt, pink salt, orange salt…all from different parts of the world. I’d like to learn more about salt and develop a palate that can taste the difference between those salts. Of course, I’ll pass along my findings!
  • This year I plan to learn more about making sauces. I know that covers quite a variety of foods, but I’m coming to the conclusion that I need to learn more about this area.
  • I’m hoping to talk some friends into teaching me about cheesemaking.
  • I’m planning to experiment with sprouted grains in my breadbaking. I have a suspicion that there’s a whole unexplored world out there.
  • I want to learn how to make rice crackers.
  • I’ve just started learning about Chinese food and hope to share some of those adventures with you.
  • I’m on a recipe hunt: I met a lady this week who is looking for a recipe for an old southern drink that you froth with a frother. She thinks it’s called syllabub or sillybub or cylabub. Any ideas?
  • Okay, I’ll throw in an old-fashioned resolution for you: I’d like to keep my deep freeze more organized. Every time we clean it out I realize that there are treasures in there that I’ve just forgotten!

So what about you? What food adventures does 2012 hold for you? Are there recipes you’d like to try? foods you’d like to make for the very first time? Kitchen lore you’d like to learn? or share?


olive oilBarb

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5 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to 2012

  1. barb, i hope you can find some recipes for using sprouted grain breads. we went to the no flour/no sugar diet about five years ago – that was the christmas my sister-in-law gave us a bread maker. i looked online for recipes using them but had no luck back then and the breadmaker has laid dormant for five years now. also i picked up an abeskiver skillet about twenty years ago and have never used it. i’m so glad you like to cook and share with others.

  2. Hi,
    “Ebelskiver” is actually the “Englishficaion” of the Danish word “æbleskiver” (first letter is a combination if “a” and “e”). The words meaning is “slices/pieces of apple” and refer to a traditional way of cooking these small “cake balls”.
    Traditionally a small piece of apple was placed in the middle of the batter when it was half baked. This way the apple would end in the middle of the ball when it was turned.
    The dough/batter is almost like a thick pancake batter but usually made with buttermilk. Nowadays ebelskiver is only served during christmas time as a snack. The piece of apple is gone, but most people split open the ball and fill it with a bit of fruit jam before eating it. Alternatively it is dusted with a bit of dusting sugar and served with a bit of jam to dip the ebelskiver in.
    I can find you a traditional Danish recipe for Ebelskiver if you want? But as mentioned, it is pretty much like a thick pancake batter.
    I dont know the ebelskive-maker you got as we usually just use a special ebelskiver skillet, but normally you fill the wholes with a tiny bit og butter and then add enough batter to just about fill each hole. Let it fry for a few minutes until the outer part of the dough starts to harden but the inner part is still soft(fluid).
    With a fork or some other sort of thin spiky thing (I use a meat needle), you quicky turn the ball in the hole so that the liquid part of the dough floats down into the hole and the hard part sticks up as a half ball. Let it fry for a couple of minutes again and the ebelskiver balls are done.

    Serve hot or put aside and reheat in the oven before serving.

    Best regards
    Kim Schulz
    (fellow foodie from Denmark)

    • Thanks for writing, Kim. I would love a proper recipe for the batter if you have one you care to share. I still haven’t tried this electric version of the traditional skillet but will be doing so pretty soon. Thanks for visiting us. I checked out your site and your food looks delicious. Of course I can’t read a word of the recipes but the pictures are beautiful!

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