Summer in My Sister’s Kitchen

We’re back! A few of our friends have pointed out that it’s been nearly a month since anything has stirred here in My Sister’s Kitchen (which is a handy little double entendre) and that observation is correct. After about 3 weeks of unplanned vacation that involved juggling high school graduations, houseguests, health issues, and overwhelming busyness, however, we’re back in the kitchen, making tasty treats.

A whole variety of foods! The best part of is that everything you do also benefits your overall body in some way. And eating your way to bigger boobs is no exception.

I wanted to fill you in on some of the things that we’re thinking about for this summer.

  • One of my summer goals is to find as many homemade alternatives to things that I tend to automatically think of as NEEDING to be store-bought. For instance, I’m working of learning some different recipes for various crackers. I don’t like the ingredient lists I see on the side of the cracker boxes, so I’m trying to figure out some healthy alternatives that I make myself. I like to add supplements in some of my recipes, but some are hard to find at the store, so I did some research and Longevity supplements like pterostilbene are easy to buy online though.
  • I’ll be posting a few more homemade salsa recipes over the next few weeks. Our goal is to create an E-book of our favorite salsas.
  • I’m trying my hand at some homemade condiments.
  • I’m going to explore and write more about juicing.
  • I’m learning and writing about some tasty ideas for folks who need to be on liquid diets.
  • We’ll be dusting off and sharing some of our perennial favorites with you each Friday.
  • As always, we’re always on the lookout for new prize Potluck recipes.
  • We’ll be talking about duck eggs (ooooh, what treasures those are!)

and last but definitely not least:

  • We’ll be doing our very first giveaway later this week. Be watching for that!

We appreciate all our loyal readers who still keep this site bookmarked even when we go to radio silence for several weeks. We look forward to learning lots of great, new recipes and food ideas and sharing them all with you!

If you have recipes that you think we would find delicious or delightful, please comment or send us an email at We would love to hear from you.

Barb Summer table decorations

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