Friday Favorites: Picnic Foods

I love Friday evenings during the summer. Every Friday, we pack a picnic dinner and head down the road to Music in the Park. We spread out the picnic blanket and set up the lawn chairs, break out the picnic food, and settle in for the concert. If the weather and the dogs behave, we spend the evening listening to great local music.

Over the last six years, Laura and I have written quite a bit about our favorite picnic and potluck foods and I want to do a little recap for those of you who have recently joined us.

Chicken Wild rice Salad on Croissants

For starters, here are three posts on picnicking that we’ve already written:

Here are a few more dishes that can create a great picnic:


I’ll probably come back and add some more favorites to this list.

What are some of YOUR favorite picnic foods?



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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Picnic Foods

  1. The chicken (or other) and wild rice on croissants is my favorite food in the world. Not just for picnics, but for everything. EVERYONE should have a chance to try that!

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