It’s NOT too late to Make Christmas Delicious!

Have you, at any time in the last week, woken up feeling like Christmas (and all it entails) was rushing at you too fast? Yeah, me too. In fact, the word OVERWHELMED is my theme this year. Most recently, I’ve been dealing with influenza for the last three weeks and I’m still not back to being 100%. What this has translated into is NO Christmas shopping, NO Christmas baking, NO Christmas decorating. NO Christmas baking. NO Christmas parties. NO Christmas baking. I’m so sad. Especially about the Christmas baking! Can you tell?

So this morning I decided that this year, we all get a pass. Yes, you can quote me on this. The Christmas baking season has been extended by two weeks this year. The same goes for gifts and decorating too. I don’t want to skip Christmas, so this year, Christmas is just going to be a little late. Christmas goody table

With that in mind, for those of you who want to extend the season on making, baking, and creating in the kitchen, I’m putting together a list of some of our favorite holiday foods. And no, it’s not too late to do your Christmas baking this coming week. (Remember, I just gave you a pass.)

We are of It’s-Not-Christmas-Until-We’ve-Made-the-Banket persuasion so later this week, we’ll be making

We’re still going to bake Christmas cookies and we have LOTS to choose from:

We’ll be making some

Our house will be fragrant with the aromas of

And since we have that awesome pass to extend all the festivities this year, we’ll be making some of our Christmas gifts:

And pies….we can’t forget pies and other delicious desserts:

I know that I’m not the only one who has been hit hard by the flu this Christmas season…and if you share my misery, hang onto your pass. You have PLENTY of time for wonderful Christmas treats! Click on the link under Holiday Recipes to see all our Christmas recipes for more ideas.

Merry Christmas!


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