How do YOU Celebrate the New Year?

You know by now that I’m not actually asking about fireworks or football games or dancing or Times Square, right? What I’m really interested in is the FOOD. What are YOUR food traditions to usher in the New Year, whether it’s on New Year’s Eve or on January 1?

Blackeyed peas and collard greensIf you grew up in the South, chances are you have some New Year’s food traditions that center around black-eyed peas and collard greens, also know as Hoppin’ John and Collard Greens.

If you grew up with a Dutch heritage, you may have a tradition of Sugared Olie Koeken

Olie Bollen

Vet Bollen

Olie Koeken 

These little fritters are really dangerous, I should warn you.

If you major in New Year’s Eve parties, you should check out our Appetizer category. We have a LOT of excellent appetizers on this site. One of my favorites that usually only shows up for New Year’s Eve is Bacon-wrapped Water Chestnuts.

If you major in watching the New Year’s parade on New Year’s Day or the big bowl games, you’ll also need those appetizers. This might be the time to do some trial runs on your Super Bowl favorites!

Italian meatballs for dipping in marinara sauce

If you live in a snowy part of the country, New Year’s Day might be a great time for some French Onion Soup or for Southwestern Chili.

French Onion Soup

Since New Years Eve or Day tend to have fewer ironclad food traditions, this is also a great opportunity to create your OWN food traditions. How would you like your children to someday answer the question, “What one thing did you ALWAYS eat on New Year’s Eve?” This is a great time to start a NEW tradition.

So now I REALLY want to know. What are your family’s favorite New Year’s food traditions? Comments are wide open.

New Year's Favorite Foods


Happy New Year, from My Sister’s Kitchen!


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