Last Minute Planning for your Super Bowl Party!

Why yes, yes, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. My true confession is this: we don’t watch the Super Bowl. We don’t actually get TV  at our house, so it’s not even an option, really. But we DO go to Super Bowl parties and I DO talk to friends all the time about what makes for good Super Bowl food. Of course I have an opinion and of course that comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me!

The thing I love about Super Bowl Party food is that it’s NOT elegant, fancy, fussy food. Most of the time, you want foods you can eat without silverware or even plates. You’ll probably always need napkins though. Super Bowl Party food is a lot like one big table of appetizers. And I LOVE appetizers.

Here are some of my suggestions for a tasty afternoon/evening of watching/not watching football.



Smoked Salmon Pizza

There…that’ll get you started. Just know that if you are really short of time you can get a pizza delivery restaurant to help you.

May the best team win. Here’s hoping for a debacle-free halftime and some truly entertaining commercials.


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