Christmas is coming….FAST!


This is one of those years; Thanks giving was so late that we leapt right into the Christmas season before the turkey had even cooled down! I’ve barely used all the Thanksgiving leftovers and now it’s time to think about Christmas goodies.

On the other hand, it’s hard not think about Christmas goodies…mmmmmm. A few years ago, we posted Thirty-one days of delicious Christmas cookies and I plan to revisit those recipes this year. Obviously I’m a little bit behind schedule since it IS December 11 already. So today is a huge bonus day for cookies. Check out some of our favorites:

#1 Grandma’s Dutch Jan Hagel cookies (What I love best about these is that they remind me of my Grandma. 🙂 Second best, they require no special ingredients so I’m always ready to bake them!)

#2 Soft and Chewy Molasses Cookies (These are really my go-to cookie during the Christmas season. Always favorite, always delicious. This is the cookie that feature at my annual Women’s Sanity Night.)

#3 Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars (also my go-to recipe all year round. These are just the best.)

#4 Snickerdoodles (who doesn’t remember eating Snickerdoodles as a kid?)

#5 Mint Brownies (my two favorite dessert flavors in one place.)

#6 Dreamsicle Fudge (this one will change your life. Just try it.)

#7 Buffalo Chip Cookies (the name alone makes me giggle.)

#8 Peppernuts (or Pfeffernusse)

#9 Gumdrop Pfeffernusse (my all-time favorite Pfeffernusse recipe, thanks to Auntie Karen)

#10 Raisin Pfeffernusse (you can eat these by the handful, but probably shouldn’t!)

#11 Anise Pfeffernusse (classic, traditional little peppernuts)

Phew, I’m caught up now.

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I’m pretty easily distracted these days but I will try to keep current on the cookie posts. This time of year is the perfect time to practice your kitchen arts and bless the socks off the people in your life who like good food!

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