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We’re sisters, Laura and Barb, who grew up in a culture where food was the language of love. Not all the food we ate as children was particularly gourmet, but there was always plenty and always enough to share with drop-in guests. Now that we each have our own kitchen in our own home (in our own state, I might add), we find we walk the ancient paths of women who nourish those we love.

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35 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi, Mary, glad you asked.

    Right now, you can subscribe to this page if you have a feed aggregator on yahoo or Google. Look at the main page for the Subscribe button. We are also working on making a newsletter available via email and we’ll let you know when that is available. Thanks for asking.


  2. were does a person go to seek permission to reprint or use material from this site?

    i’m interested in the no-cook pickle recipe.

  3. Stephanie, we haven’t really focused on dairy-free recipes although there are a few. We have very non-picky-eating children, so my kids like pretty much everything I make. I don’t really know what the “average” kid will eat and can only suggest that you try recipes and encourage them to at least try what you’ve made.

    Good luck,


  4. Hi! I am having an at home shopping party (e.g. Silpada) and am looking for some good ideas for easy appetizers for my guests. Any suggestions? Thanks!! Polly

  5. Polly, we have an entire category for appetizers. If you click on that category, that should take you to a plethora of posts on yummy treats. Thanks for visiting.


  6. On a lark, with a little “free” time on Christmas Eve/Chanaka’s 4th night, I found your site with Dutch Butter Letter pastries — Bankets. These pastries have been a favorite of mine my whole life. My Mom and I would work together on them for the holidays when we made at least 2 dozen sticks. We’d let them cool and wrap them in heavy-duty foil and they kept fresh for months.

    Today I make them once in a while and sometimes make individual sizes. I get about 20-22 per batch. You are so right, how everyone who has them falls in love! I’m in the food business and Butterletter make great thank-you gifts.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. My parents came to the states from the Netherlands in the 1950’s. I make banket every Christmas for my husband’s coworkers~very few people around our town make it. My filling recipe is different, but I am going to try yours right now and see if I might want to change mine for next year!

  8. I am so excited to find a banket recipe, and a recipe to make almond paste. I grew up in West Michigan, but now live in Indiana, with no Dutch people in sight. I am excited to try to make banket and share a piece of “home” with those around me.

  9. My niece Ashley just sent me a link to your site, yeah! There are other Banket makers out there. Check my site for December and see the ones I made in the shape of M for my Irish Catholic Hubby’s family. I was a guest recipe blogger on Lollychops site, check this too, I so enjoy the give and take of blogging. I am subscribing to yours too, add me if you like to your blog list, after you check me out that is!

    Thanks, san

  10. I just found your web site while searching for a pesto recipe. I have lots of nice basil and garlic right now! I want to make pesto, but haven’t relly used it much. What are your favorite pesto uses?

  11. We always called my mom a “food pusher”. A date, a friend even the UPS man couldn’t stop in without my mom offering a slice of blueberry pie or pumpkin bread. I like much better the way you say “women who nourish those we love” especially because I’ve become one myself.

    • This makes me laugh out loud because I just finished FORCING Sarah from High Country Momsquad eat leftovers of last night’s chicken curry when she stopped by for a few minutes. Feeding others is a pretty “force primeval” instinct!

  12. Just found your website tonight when searching for instructions on drying apples. Love it! I have been reading post after post for over an hour and could honestly sit here all night. Thank you for great recipes and tips!


  13. I just wanted to thank you for posting the sourdough bread recipe on Instructibles. I tried several recipes before I found yours and yours turned out perfect both times I’ve baked it. I would have given up had I not found your recipe. Thanks again.

  14. I only went through a very small number of your recipes. But am looking forward to going through more of them. I will enjoy making and sharing many of the recipes and tips. Thanks so much.


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