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  1. Hi Sisters!
    It’s a cousin and I am wondering if either of you have the recipe for your Grandma Francken’s apple pie. I still remember the melt in your mouth goodness that it was and would love to make it for my own family!
    ps love the website

  2. Mary!!!
    How’s it going? Aren’t you about to grace the family with another bambino? And Barb tells me you are thinking about homeschool possibilities–wow! I’d love to hear from you–you can get my email from Barb if you email her at the address above–I don’t want to publish my own address here, but I’d be happy to hear from you.


  3. Hi girls,
    Are you familiar with the “make and take” places like Dinner at Hand, Dream Dinners, etc… Are you planning on starting something like that in the future? I am an hour outside chicago and swear I heard your name before. Is this a possibility or just a great rumor?!?
    Amy in IL

  4. Hello. My boss makes beef jerky and was asking me if there is a way to can the jerky without additional cooking?

    Can you answer?? He wants to dehydrate and then put in jars. If the jars and lids are hot, will they seal??

    Thanks for your time.

  5. Tina, I don’t think that canning beef jerky is going to allow it to stay beef jerky. The USDA has guidelines on canning meat and it requires a pressure canner. I would suggest that he check out the USDA site: http://www.fcs.uga.edu/pubs/current/FDNS-E-39.html

    (Sorry, I don’t know how to make that live in a comment.) I would suggest sealing beef jerky into ziplock bags or even using one of those seal-a-meal machines that sort of vacuum packs the foods.

  6. Something to add to your seasonal list that we enjoy in our household – Baked/Broiled Pumpkin Seeds. The girls love them. Wash all the pumpkin fiber off and add salt, pepper, paprika and cayenne (optional of course). Bake or broil until crispy. Turn often to avoid burning. Just ask your hubby. He enjoyed some of mine the other day! πŸ™‚

  7. I live in Syracuse,Ny and was wondering how I would go about opening your awesome store here. Could you send me some information? Regards, Deana Dillon

  8. Dear Deana,

    I’m afraid that you’ve mistaken us for someone else. We are two sisters who are blogging about our love for good food and hospitality. We don’t have a store or a restaurant. I’ve received numerous emails over the last few months asking about “our store” and that leads me to believe that there must be a wonderful business enterprise out there called My Sister’s Kitchen. I suggest googling further for information on that business.

    Thanks for visiting and please feel free to come back and browse!


  9. I am looking for a recipe for a pastry that looks like a rock or a baked potato. I was told it was made for a Danish King and was a filled pastry dusted with cocoa powder which made it look like a rock or baked potato. Any clues. They told me the name, however, I am not native and could not hold onto the name and now they are out of business. Any help would be great. Thanks

  10. Looking for a location. There is a new store in Newtown, pa.Please send info and phone number of kitchen.

  11. Sorry, Trudie, that’s not us. We don’t have a store anywhere. We are not a business–we’re two sisters who blog our food adventures. Good luck trying to get the information that you’re looking for.


  12. I’m surprised no one has answered your technical question yet! So, I’ll help you out…

    To get a “live link” for your email address, you need to type the following (this would have to be in the HTML source portion of your WordPress post editing):

    <a href=”mailto:Franckensisters@gmail.com”>Franckensisters@gmail.com</a>

    That will show up as: Franckensisters@gmail.com

    Let me know if you have difficulty implementing that, and I’ll help you offline or something πŸ™‚

  13. I have a recipe for kosher dill that requires 3 full days in the sun, could you tell me if these could be canned? Or should we continue to use the refrigerator storage method?(although this takes up too much space).Thanks Deanna MIchigan

  14. Hi Deanna,
    My father-in-law makes 3-day sun pickles, and I believe they do need to be refrigerated. Although if you wanted to can them for easier storage, you probably could. You’d need a longer processing time, since you wouldn’t be starting with boiling pickling brine–the point of canning is obviously to heat everything inside enough to sterilize and then seal.


  15. Hi,

    I’m trying your family recipe for Blueberry Crumble and am to the baking part. Any idea of the baking time – just says ’til bubbly but wondered how long, about??

    Thanks! We’re looking forward to a fantastic crumble. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  16. Dear Laura and Barba,
    My sister, Crissy Hayes from Shelby, has recently come to your kitchen and loved it. We thought of it as a staff activity for our office. Could you give me some idea of the cost to come out and do you make a certain dish. We have about 14 people and it would be nice if they each made a dinner for that night. We were toying with the idea of this Thursday. If we don’t come this day, we can try for the future and just wanted to get some info.
    Thanks so much for you advice.
    Suzy Hannon

  17. Dear Suzy,

    Alas, this is another case of mistaken identity. Laura and I are sisters who write a blog together. We don’t have a kitchen, nor do we cook commercially for anyone. There IS a business out there called My Sister’s Kitchen that, to the best of my knowledge, is a place where you can go cook food to take home with you. That’s not us though. I suggest you look in the yellow pages for your area for this business.

    Btw, which Shelby? Shelby, MI? Shelby, NC? Shelby, IN? Actually, yahoo maps came up with 15 Shelbys.

    Good luck finding what you’re looking for.


  18. Barb…. do you girls have a good recipe for veal picatta…. I loved it in Italy and have never been able to make it. Mostly the sauce was “light” but a bit thicker than what I end up with. Very lemony without being sour…. ohhh it was just wonderful. Kisses, Stacey

  19. I have been looking for 2 lost family recipes. I may not be spelling them right – but hopefully someone can help me.
    Dompf Noodle (Steamed dough served with milk and sugar)

    Maltachen (pork or veal meat with spinach in dough – like raviolli) served with chicken broth.

  20. Interested in learning more about your service. Our daughter-in-law brought dinner to my husband and me since I just was released from St. Mary Medical Center on Friday. The meal was delicious, and I may be interested in trying your service sometime in the New Year. Thanks. Joan Bowman

  21. Susan: Are these German recipes? Dutch? I have a couple people I can ask about them, but who I ask will depend on what ethnicity the food is.

    Joan: I think you have us confused with the My Sister’s Kitchen that is a business that supplies meals. We are not connected with them at all, but you can find them if you google “my sister’s kitchen”–I believe they are the top hit.

    Julie: Glad you found us!


  22. I bought a 7lb can of almond paste by Blue diamond, It has sugar (9g) in it. Is that amount of suger going to be a problem when making banket?

  23. Hi there! I just put up 45# of kraut in 3 crocks.(15# plain, 15# with apple, and 15# with caraway seed.) I put it up 8 days ago and kept it @ 65 to 70 deg. It has already stopped fermenting. I also had the brine getting a bit low, so I mixed 1 tsp. kosher salt to 1 cup water and added to existing brine that had stopped fermenting. Is that o.k.? or will it ruin the kraut? Should I have just added plain water? I don’t want to ruin 45# of kraut! Please help A.S.A.P.!!! Thanx…Pat

  24. Hi Barbara! Thanx 4 the info on kraut. Tell hubby thanx 2! It seems 2 be ok, but I’m gonna let it go 4 another week or 2 just 2 make sure. Could you find any info on adding more brine or water when it gets a bit low? Thanx again!…Pat

  25. Hi Barbara! It’s me again! The kraut seems o.k.! Tasted it and…mmmmm! Gonna let it set for another week or so to really let it ferment. That brings up my next question, Can I vacuum pack it with my “seal a meal” instead of canning in jars? Not looking forward to jar canning 45# of kraut., but I will if I have to though. Thanx again…Pat

  26. Barb,

    I am Laura Barbee’s father and enjoyed your writing about her sweet tea.

    In a recent visit to her house, we also pulled up your recipe for cinamon buns. I have just searched you web site and cannot find that recipe.
    Would you mind sending that along to me?


    I enjoy your style of writing.

    Wil I. Jackson

  27. Do you know of home made meal delivery services in the Mesa, or Phoenix Arizona area? I have a client that needs assistance with maintaining a tasty, healthy diet. Just tasty would work, she is very frail.

  28. I have a question I could not find the answer to in your previous comments. I received the amish friendship bread starter and left it on the counter, just mushing it in the ziplock bag every day for 10 days….I forgot to “feed” it with additional ingredients on the day I was supposed to. So…on day 10, I added one cup each flour,sugar and milk. It started fermenting again and that was three days ago….when do I divide it up to give away and make the bread? thank you!

  29. I have a banana bread question. I created a yummy recipe that has very nice texture and flavor. But I can’t understand why the top edges of the bread are kind of hard and crusty instead of soft and rounded. Also, the bread is pretty flat on top and not domed. Can you give me some ideas of what I should try to fix this problem? The recipe uses sour cream, lemon juice, 1 1/4 cup sugar, 2 eggs and 1 tsp each of soda and baking powder…. and of course the usual other banana bread ingredients. I also usually only grease the bottom 1/3 of the pan. Would this make a difference? thanks! Carrie

  30. Can you tell me if you are the same people in Colorado, and if you are do you sell gift certificates for a lesson and meal? I have heard about a business like that in CO. and am interested for a daughter. Thanks Mike

  31. Amish (O.K. I’m not that great of friend) Friendship Bread.

    I truly appreciated your website. However, I didn’t find the answer to my question…. If I don’t want to give away 3 ziplocs of starter every 10 days, can I reduce something so I’m not throwing 3 cups of starter away?

    (Actually I do practise friendship, it’s just all my friends already have it! God Bless~)

  32. We have four statrer kits for friendship amish bread we do not want to separtate and give away do we have to add extra ingredients to each mix what do we do Thanks Pierangela

  33. I have made sour krout in a crock the old way and would like to know if i can seal it in jars with my vacuum sealer instead of a boiling bath. I wondered if it would keep being krout is already fermented. thanks bob

  34. Hi ladies!

    I just wanted to say how much I loved your site. I was just looking up where to find almond paste in my area and came across your site (to make banket!). I now live in PA, but grew up in south suburbs of Chicago…in a very dutch family/area. Where I live now…not dutch at all and no one knows the awesome dishes and desserts from my past. It’s been fun browsing your site and seeing so many things that were always made in my house growing up!

  35. I am a first generation American 100% Netherlander Dutch, and have always known “if you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much! Every New Year’s morning starting at 10 AM, our house is open to 30+_ friends who come with their coffee mugs for coffee and an unlimited supply of freshly made olkiekooken. We are in FLorida for 6 months each year and I started this tradition about 8 years ago and my friends really look forward to it. The day before I make up the batter and refrigerate it to 2nd rise (I now use a yeast recipe which is better than baking powder) in the refrigerator so that early in the AM I can begin the deep frying and have 75% ready by the time the first guest arrives. Totally I make about 160 oliebollen/oliekooken. It’s a great way to start the New Year. Shirley

  36. My sister has sourdough starter that her husband’s family has had for over 130 years. She just brought me some this week and I am in the middle of making your sour dough recipe today! I just wanted to tell you I’m super excited about it! I make homemade breads all the time, but have never made sourdough. Thanks for the recipe and I’ll be back to your blog to check out other recipes. Happy Baking!!!!

  37. Wow! I found your Website accidentally while searching for a Banket recipe. After reading about Banket in The Vermont Country catalog special foods section, (they sell it)
    and loving almond pastry, I was curious about making it better & cheaper. Having never heard of it before, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and the histories of these and other Dutch pastries. My only wishes are that 1) I lived in a Dutch neighborhood; 2) my relatives were Dutch; and 3) that I had some Dutch friends that baked these goodies and introduced them to me before now. So sad – but hopeful. I am going to try some of these recipes this holiday season with my daughters! Thanks to you & everyone else for sharing their ideas and helpful hints. PS- Anyone looking to bake for a new sister?!

  38. Is the recipe for FSB shown on your website good for high altitude baking? My recipe has been falling in the middle and I’m sure it’s because of the high altitude. Thanx for your time.

  39. hi, i just discovered your site and wanted to say i love all the recipies and cant wait to try thrm out! Im in Australia though so am having to ggogle a lot of your ingredients, so im also learning a thing or two πŸ™‚ thanks for the site.

  40. Hello,

    I love your sourdough recipe and want to make bread bowls for an awesome cheese soup I make. Do you have any suggestions to form the dough into balls?

  41. Barb I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me your link to google docs for the equi-flow dehydrator. I have the 20 tray model and I can’t find an instruction book anywhere. thank you.

  42. that’s our dough bread recipe was excellent. I appreciated the pictures and great descriptions. On my second batch I added some sprouted wheat berries which added a true in this to the texture which was very nice. The next time I added some shredded cheese and found that it did not rise very well so nicks on the cheese. I feel so successful after following your directions.

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