What you won’t find here

-You won’t find tips on how to set up elaborate tea parties.
-You won’t find tips on how to keep your home immaculate.
-You won’t find suggestions on how to eliminate garlic from your diet.
-You won’t find ideas for ways to keep your children out of the kitchen.
-You won’t find any recipes or ideas for foods that we don’t personally really like.
-You won’t find a slavish devotion to following recipes exactly.
-You won’t find recipes that require special training or education to make. Most everything we can make, the 15 year old nephew can make just as well.
-You won’t find an overweaning fascination with calories…or fat or carbohydrates or sodium. We’re all about food for real life.
-Lastly, and sadly, you won’t find the secret insider information on where to get those tricksy chef hats that you see in movies. We just don’t know. But we’d each have one if we knew. We probably wouldn’t wear them, on account of getting bad hat hair, but it would be nice to have them. UPDATE ON THIS IMPORTANT ITEM: Thanks to my friend Stacey, we now have a couple of these excellent hats. Stacey’s tip to all of you is that if you’re looking for puffy chefs’ hats, check out uniform stores.

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  1. Hi! My name is Amber. This question has NOTHING to do with this homemade yogurt recipe. But my question does have to do with plain yogurt. My husband & I want to make a fruit tart using PLAIN YOGURT, I loved the look of your fruit tarts. They LOOK DELICIOUS!!!!!! yummy yummy yummy~~~~
    But also your thing about how you make your fruit tarts dont have measuerments listed( 1/2 tspoon sugar, 8 oz cream cheese). hOw much of each ingredant you you use to make a fruit tart? I have strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, bananas, mango, & a few other fruit also. Any help would be GREATLY apprecatied. Sorry my spelling isnt the greatest. Thanks so Much!


  2. Hi there I would love to prepare my self a fresh fruit pie pls be kind enough to provide me the ingredients and also how to make it.

    Thanks for your assistance.


  3. I’m looking for Ruby Tuesdays’ White Chicken Chili recipe, but it is no longer listed on the website. Do you have it or know how I can get it?

  4. Hi- I love the new look of your site. However, I miss being able to see if there are any new entries. Am I just not seeing it?

  5. I finally found where I left this message! I love the new site set-up, and check back here often for Amish bread ideas. I’ve used many of the recipes so far and maybe I’ll be brave enough one day to give my variations 🙂

  6. Hi all,
    im 20 and just got my own flat with my partner and i have found a passion for cooking, this xmas i want to try some stuff for peole coming over on xmas eve, but i got to try it beforehand.
    *Mince pie recipes anyone? inc. how to make the Mince?
    * Christmas cake (heavy lots of alcohol- not sure of ‘proper’ name)
    Many thanks to all in advance.

  7. Do you have a website or any information to purchase Almond Banket? I don’t have the time to make and would love to serve at the holidays.
    Many thanks –

  8. Hi Ladies,

    I received a speculaas mold for christmas and I have to find the perfect recipe! I thought you might be one good place to start… I’d love to know if you have a favorite.


  9. In reply to Shelly who was looking for Almond banket to buy:
    Check out Jaarsma Bakery (www.jaarsmabakery.com) where you can purchase many yummy Dutch pastries. I make it a habit to stop by their store when I’m in their area.

  10. I just happened upon your site when looking for a simple and easy brownie recipe on the fly. I just put the best brownie recipe in the oven and can’t wait. (the boys are licking the bowl and spoons clean as I type) So thank you in advance for having exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I will be looking around at some of your other recipes as well. I love easy and practical things and appreciate you sharing your tried and true picks for the kitchen. Thanks again!

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