Planning Ahead for Thanksgiving Dinner, 2013

If you haven’t started planning for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to get going! We’ve majored […]

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Baking Better Bread

This bread looks pretty good, right? It’s not homemade but it’s whole wheat. In fact, […]

Thanksgiving Dinner: Panic and Frenzy

Okay, not ACTUALLY panic and frenzy yet….but it could happen. Most years we try to […]

Homemade Crispy Gluten-free Rice Crackers

This week we’re venturing into the brand new territory of homemade crackers. I thought I’d […]

Crispy Gluten-Free Homemade Rice Crackers with cheese

Getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day food

With a name like Kelley, how can I not revisit this topic of St. Patrick’s […]

St. Patrick's Day grocery list

Homemade Irish Soda Bread

It’s That Time of year again….no, not Christmas. It’s the week of St. Patrick’s Day. […]

Irish Soda Bread

Party Food for Super Bowl 2012

I’ve had to restrain myself from creating a Holiday category for my Super Bowl recipes. […]

stuffed pizza for the super bowl party

Christmas Gifts from My Kitchen–I have a plan!

After a busy week of Christmas events, the low-level angst about Christmas gifts burst into […]

Planning Christmas gifts from the kitchen

All Things Pumpkin

Today a young woman I know said, “All I can think about is pumpkin! All […]

sunlight n pumpkin

Hearty Fall Breakfasts

Whether you have a kindergartner who needs a good breakfast, a swimmer who needs fuel, […]

Bowl of Granola and a piece of fruit

More on Pressed Sandwiches

I know that I’ve already written about pressed sandwiches here but I can’t resist coming […]

An amazing pressed sandwich

Bleu Cheese Garlic Bread

These are those magical days of summer when the produce is plentiful and motivation to […]

Blue cheese garlic bread with dinner

Making Homemade Crostini

  Now that I’ve discovered homemade crostini (that’s Italian for “little toasts”) I’ll never buy […]

Stack of homemade crostini

Pressed smoked salmon, bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches

These pressed sandwiches are so amazingly delicious and so incredibly fast to make that I […]

fresh tomatoes on open-faced sandwich

Sloppy Joes a whole new way….

When my kids were little they were wildly jealous of the neighbor kids whose mom […]

hot and cheesy Sloppy Pockets

Mardi Gras Sweet Potato Bread

Added Note: It’s been brought to my attention that this post ALMOST contains a recipe […]

bread made of purple and orange sweet potatoes

Cornbread with Sharp Cheddar and Bleu Cheese

We love good cheese around here and pretty much assume that good cheese makes just […]

cornbread with cheddar and bleu cheese