Pesto Swirl Loaf

Pesto is one of the finer things in life. In fact, around our house, pesto […]

Simple Cranberry Muffins

This morning, Michael spied the very large bag of dried cranberries that Dave bought at […]

9-grain whole wheat bread

I’ve been playing around with whole wheat bread recipes lately. It’s hard for me to […]

Pigs in Blankets

Pigs in Blankets are a great thing for kids to fix when mom is feeling […]

Vet Bollen (#3)

This recipe is my personal favorite. The potatoes make this recipe so moist and chewy. […]

Vet Ballen (#2)

This is the second Olie Kueken recipe of Grandma’s that I found. Vet Ballen 1/4. […]

Olie Koeken

Olie Koeken (Fat Balls)

When I was a VERY small child, I remember New Year’s Day having its own […]

Sugared Olie Koeken

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls – cool rise sweet dough

Years and years ago, when I was ten years old, I had the exciting privilege […]

Christmas menus at Barb’s house

Laura reminded me this morning that I need to take a few minutes to share […]

Whole wheat sweet potato yeast bread

We’ve had a couple of insanely busy weeks around here, but I can’t stop cooking–mostly […]

Laura’s Sourdough starter

I’ve been playing with sourdough breads the last several weeks. I found a recipe for […]

Sweet potato bread

I made this recipe up several years ago by combining what I judged to be […]

Ian’s Tasty Bread

I promised some weeks ago to post this recipe when we had perfected it and […]

Citron bread

For years, citron bread was my favorite of all the different breads my mom made […]

Two-Tone Tomato Turmeric Twists: It looks like Circus Bread!

Since I experimented with beets and spinach as ingredients for homemade bread, I’ve been mulling […]

FAST caramel Pull-apart buns

Here’s a VERY fun recipe that I just found. It had slipped down behind another […]

Baked Overnight Caramel French Toast

It’s that time of year….time for some good morning treats to get us rolling and […]

Chai Nut Bread

My 15 year old son, The Cookful Youth, has been at it again. This time, […]

Spinach Beet Bread: a successful experiment

I had leftover beets, see….and leftover spinach. And I’m really intrigued with using vegetables in […]

Basic French toast w/pear sauce

We were a bit too leisurely this evening in getting dinner mobilised, and I had […]