First bread

My younger son is not quite 5 yet, but is a kindergartener in our homeschool.  […]

Perfect Pumpkin Bread

Laura and I have referred frequently to certain foods that “only our mom makes right.” […]

In the company of pumpkins at the Farmer's Market

Apple Cinnamon Baked French Toast

This recipe has a story–as many of my recipes do. When I was in my […]

Seasonal special: Braided Pear Bread!

So after the success of the walnut cinnamon squirrel bread, I wasn’t displeased this morning […]

Walnut 10-grain cinnamon squirrel bread

I hate to throw good food away. So the other morning, when my son did […]

Fresh Beet Bread…I’ve got the beet, I’ve got the beet…

After church today I commenced on some serious research….on vegetable bread. As usual, I couldn’t […]

Sausage rolls

Yesterday was a wonderful day for a picnic….an indoor picnic. Jon and I invented these […]

Oatmeal molasses bread

Today I was up to my usual tricks of using up the dribs and drabs […]

Applesauce Nut Bread

When I was growing up, the favorite cookbook for both my mom and grandma was […]

Cinnamon Squirrel Bread

Nate just posted his new favorite recipe on his blog, The Cookful Youth. BK

Zucchini Bread: the best defense is a good offense

In certain parts of the country, this is the time of year when excess zucchini […]

How DO you know when bread is done rising?

We’ve had several search engines questions that keep recurring for this site. One of the […]

One more use for pesto: BREADSTICKS!

Tonight we had guests for dinner, and I made breadsticks as an appetizer, served alongside […]

Boston Brown Bread – at the cottage

Grandma’s Boston Brown Bread This is another old family recipe from my father-in-law’s Aunt Helen […]

Garlicky Sun-dried tomato flat-bread

We performed a scientific experiment last night that turned into quite a happy serendipity: garlicky […]

Banana Bread made properly

Have you noticed that for certain foods there is a “right” way to make them. […]

Garlic and Asiago Cheese Bread

I may be 100% Dutch, but in my heart I’m Italian. At least, garlic runs […]

Cheddar/Green onion Biscuits

A new variation on an old theme (and we are ALWAYS looking for new variations, […]