Hana’s Healthy Apple Muffins

During our recent cottage vacation, I got to spend time with all of my beautiful […]

Deviled Eggs

Woohooooo!!!! I’m back online with my slick new computer, that I also use for gaming […]

One of Mom’s perfect recipes: Bran muffins

Bringing another favorite out of retirement here….these bran muffins are the PERFECT accompaniment to all […]

Baked oatmeal: not the porridge your grandma made!

My kids LOVE oatmeal. (Okay, I’ll also admit that one of them likes to eat […]

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Miniature egg-cheese-bacon souffles

Our local Panera is the source of one our favorite breakfast foods. We LOVE their […]

Feeding a holiday crowd

Barb and I were talking about the fact that she’ll be hosting house-guests during the […]

Can we count pumpkin pie as a vegetable?

Why yes, I think we can. And we all know that vegetables are good for […]

Pannekoeken with Egg-nog, oh MY!

“We should make pannekoeken for breakfast tomorrow morning,” says my husband.  It’s Friday night, and […]

Cinnamon Rolls

Grandma’s Cinnamon Rolls… just in time for Easter breakfast! I recently visited my mom’s youngest […]

Best of 2008 – Top Ten–no, TWENTY– Recipes from My Sister’s Kitchen

We’ve been thinking about all the fabulous, amazing food that we’ve shared with delightful guests […]

Swedish Pancakes

I know, you’ve barely recovered from the Christmas dinner table, and are not really ready […]

Christmas Menus in My Sister’s Kitchen

Barb and I agreed it would be fun to share a snapshot of what’s going […]

Christmas Baking!

Christmas-time is the best time of the year for baking, in our opinion. There are […]

Olympus Honey Bread

Here is our ancient Greek sweet pizza, which we made from the sweet ingredients we […]

Sharon’s Egg Bake

A dear lady in my Bible study brought this classic egg dish to a recent […]

Cardamom cream cheese peach braid

There are times when I make things that require precision and measurements, a certain faithfulness […]

Eggs Hussarde

My father-in-law is an excellent cook, and it is something of a family tradition that […]

Swedish Rice Custard (Rice Pudding)

I was at a church potluck last week for the last-meeting-before-Christmas of our women’s Bible […]

Skorpa (Swedish Toast)

I have got this wonderful scam…er…scheme that I’ve been working. I beg people for their […]

Amazing Raisin Pineapple Zucchini Bran Muffins

  I was just playing around in the kitchen this morning and ended up making […]