Fast breakfast or dinner: Strata

“Strata” is the Italian word for layers. And this dinner, which I made the other […]

Chilaquiles: a new adventure in Mexican food!

To explain why I tried this dish tonight, I have to back up about 3 […]

Spinach Sausage Pie

This last quiche-y recipe is one of our favorites. It’s a little denser than quiche […]

Christmas Pie (quiche)

Oh wait, it’s not Christmas! This recipe, however, tastes good all year long. This quiche […]

Spinach Swiss Quiche

Church potlucks are the best. Back when I was pregnant with my second son, I […]

Easy No-crust Ham Quiche

This is the first of four quiche recipes I’m going to post for my friend […]

Simple Cranberry Muffins

This morning, Michael spied the very large bag of dried cranberries that Dave bought at […]

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls – cool rise sweet dough

Years and years ago, when I was ten years old, I had the exciting privilege […]

Christmas menus at Barb’s house

Laura reminded me this morning that I need to take a few minutes to share […]

Tim’s Lemon Parmesan Yogurt Sauce

Here’s the recipe for the sauce that my friend Spring serves with her “Crepes a […]

Crepes a la Gasca

I have a dear friend named Spring who grew up on the mission field.  A […]

Vegetable Romano Quiche

Have we discussed quiche? No? Well, we should! During the next several weeks, we ALL […]

Cinnamon Whole-wheat waffles

We saw our first snow flurries this morning and our entire household was vibrating with […]

Michael’s Magnificent (but simple) Fruit Smoothies

Michael is totally addicted to his own fruit smoothies. He’s a swimmer and averages 4000-5000 […]

FAST caramel Pull-apart buns

Here’s a VERY fun recipe that I just found. It had slipped down behind another […]

Baked Overnight Caramel French Toast

It’s that time of year….time for some good morning treats to get us rolling and […]

Homemade Yogurt….couldn’t be easier!

Okay, I need to clear one thing up right away. I don’t make my own […]

Basic French toast w/pear sauce

We were a bit too leisurely this evening in getting dinner mobilised, and I had […]

Perfect Pumpkin Bread

Laura and I have referred frequently to certain foods that “only our mom makes right.” […]

In the company of pumpkins at the Farmer's Market

Apple Cinnamon Baked French Toast

This recipe has a story–as many of my recipes do. When I was in my […]