Our Summer Faves

It’s that time of year again…yes, the back-t0-school, end-of-the-summer, what-do-I-do-with-all-this-great-produce?  time of year! I love […]

Future salsa at the watauga Farmer's Market

Homemade Applesauce

This week I’m making applesauce…a LOT of applesauce. This batch, and probably most of the […]

spoonful of homemade applesauce

Fresh Blueberry Season

The first question is always, where can I go to pick blueberries? Then, where is […]

handful of blueberries

Fresh Pineapple in Rum

Yesterday I saw a photo of a jar of pineapple soaking in rum and it […]

Rum and pineapple mingle flavors

Homemade Peach Jam and How I Cheated

Can I cheat when I make homemade jam? Why yes, apparently I can! As a […]

Oven-roasted Tomatoes

Oven-roasted tomatoes, where have you BEEN all my life? I was initially just trying to […]

Partial Pecks of Pickled Peppers

We recently bought 4 quarts of fresh jalapeno peppers. We love jalepenos and my amazing […]

Kosher Dill Pickles!

Pickles is a subject about which I am very passionate. I’m not talking about the […]

Roasting Peppers

I know, I know, I’ve been promising my Chile Verde recipe for months now….and I’m […]

Mojo de Ajo

A few months ago, I watched a program called “Mexico–One Plate At a Time”, by […]

Apple cider cinnamon jelly–a fast, easy holiday gift!

Right about now, you are starting the whirlwind of Christmas parties at office, church, school, […]

Turkey Stock from a Turkey Carcass

What exactly DO I do with a turkey carcass? This was a question I asked […]

Rummy Apple Cider Syrup

I’ve been intrigued with recipes I’ve found recently in some of those beautiful cookbooks with […]

Freezing vegetables for soup

I’ve saved my favorite tip for last in this series on freezing fresh produce. I […]

Freezing Vegetables

Freezing veggies is a bit more of a process than freezing fruit, but it’s still […]

Freezing Fruit

Freezing fresh fruit in season is the very best way to hold on to the […]

Best of 2008 – Top Ten–no, TWENTY– Recipes from My Sister’s Kitchen

We’ve been thinking about all the fabulous, amazing food that we’ve shared with delightful guests […]

Big canning day: peaches, jam, bruschetta

I found a wholesale source in the Twin Cities for produce–a friend of a friend […]