Last minutes gift ideas from the kitchen

Invariably, at least once during each Christmas season, I have a moment of panic when […]

Boeren Jonges

About twenty-three years ago my Grandpa asked me to spend the evening with him learning […]

Homemade Sauerkraut…great results

It’s been several weeks since Dave started our Sauerkraut Experiment. It’s been sitting quietly in […]

A note on Christmas food gifts

I know, I know! It’s only September…WAY too early to be thinking about Christmas. My […]

Revisiting the Apple Butter question

I want to make this a separate post on apple butter for two reasons. First, […]

What an apple-y day! Sauce, butter, pies, dehydrated “chips”

Remember that post about ugly apples? Well, yesterday, we had the opportunity to go DEEP […]

Apples, apples, ugly apples everywhere

Last night we spent a couple of hours picking apples off an ancient (a couple […]

Apple Pie “kits” in the freezer: Pie on the run

“Be Prepared” might be the motto of Boy Scouts the country over, but it’s the […]

Making Homemade Applesauce; some tools of the trade

We LOVE homemade applesauce, but it’s been several years since we’ve made it and canned […]

Making Apple Butter

I made apple butter for several years running, perhaps thinking I was going to get […]

Making Sauerkraut at Home – time tested methods

Dave and I decided to try making homemade sauerkraut this year. Okay, Dave did all […]

Making blueberry jam with no added pectin–another recipe

Here’s one more recipe for those of you who are enjoying the taste of homemade no-added-pectin […]

A word about fruit pectin

Last summer I learned some fascinating things about fruit pectin.   1. Many fruits have […]

Homemade Beef Jerky

Years ago, Auntie Karen introduced our family to homemade beef jerky. We behaved immoderately with […]

Watermelon pickles: photos of the final product

A report from the kitchen: I’ve made watermelon pickles, and this is what they look […]

What do you do with $50 worth of fresh raspberries?

We picked 2 large ice cream buckets full of raspberries yesterday at a local farm. […]

Canning Pickles: What a lot of work!

  Here is a photo of the gallon jars of refrigerator’ pickles we canned. Good […]

Making jam with no added pectin

Today we made homemade blueberry jam and did NOT use little boxes of Sure-gel. I’ve […]

Freezing Fresh Beets

In the olden days, fruits and vegetables needed to be canned, dried, or pickled in […]