Grandma’s Jan Hagel cookies, #1

December 1: My grandma was an amazing woman. She never went a day without cookies  in […]

31 days of cookies for Christmas

This year Laura and I are going to do something a little different here in […]

Almond Bars

December 19: These almond bars sort of feel like they’re the richer cousins to Banket. […]

A Dutch almond pastry called Banket

Breaking News: Check out our new recipe for Banket Bites — a new variation on this […]

Traci’s Persimmon Cookies

If you’re one of those lucky people who actually HAS a persimmon tree or has […]

Almond Snowball Cookies

Here’s another one of the cookies that will show up on our tray of Halloween […]

Yet another Gingerbread cookie recipe

These are our old favorites. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that […]

Molasses Ginger Snaps

These molasses cookies are not quite the family favorite, but they’re close. These little cookies […]

Cookie Brittle: the quickest cookies ever

Years ago, my dear loopy friend Judy passed along this recipe and we’ve been making […]