Turkey Stock from a Turkey Carcass

What exactly DO I do with a turkey carcass? This was a question I asked […]

Help! My turkey is still frozen and it’s Wednesday night!

If you just realized, with enormous panic, that your turkey is still frozen rock hard […]

How to Whip Whipping Cream

This is probably something that most of you know how to do, but I remember […]

Pumpkin Pie ideas

I just want to point you back to our favorite Pumpkin Pie recipe and an […]

Is it time to push the Thanksgiving panic button NOW?

That’s a picture of my Thanksgiving turkey–still in the deep freeze, still frozen solid. I’m […]

Is Thanksgiving Ham more your speed?

Although turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving entree, some folks like a baked ham for the […]

Very simple, very easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I’ll admit right up front that I’m not much for doing a lot of decorating. […]

How to Make Gravy

I’m always surprised by how many people are totally intimidated about making gravy. Making gravy […]

How to Roast a Turkey

It occurred to us that we had no directions for the basic Roasted Turkey that […]

Rummy Apple Cider Syrup

I’ve been intrigued with recipes I’ve found recently in some of those beautiful cookbooks with […]

Pannekoeken with Egg-nog, oh MY!

“We should make pannekoeken for breakfast tomorrow morning,” says my husband.  It’s Friday night, and […]

Jean’s Delicious Cheesy Potato Casserole

Almost 22 years ago, I met my in-laws for the very first time. Dave had […]

Garlic mashed potatoes

Garlic mashed potatoes are another traditional holiday side dish. I don’t generally freeze this (and […]

More appetizer ideas

My family (this is Laura speaking) travels to another town for Thanksgiving most years, and […]

Quick, easy hors d’oeuvres

The trickiest thing about hors d’oeuvres is spelling it. I often revert to just saying […]

How to Grill a Turkey

Sixteen years ago, I grilled my first turkey and have never looked back. I can’t […]

Homemade Chestnut Dressing

This weekend, I received an email from my young friend, Molly. Molly is the same […]

Excellent Victorian Stuffing

I found a recipe for Victorian stuffing in my Rodale Basic Natural Foods Cookbook, which […]

Mom’s Thanksgiving turkey stuffing

This Thanksgiving stuffing recipe is one that my mother does perfectly–a really basic recipe that […]

Sweet Potato Praline Casserole

Around the holidays, I’m always looking for ways to do things in advance. This sweet […]