Tummy ache? Here’s a simple home remedy….

Several days ago when we were working hard to get things at the cottage packed […]

Making jam with no added pectin

Today we made homemade blueberry jam and did NOT use little boxes of Sure-gel. I’ve […]

How DO you know when bread is done rising?

We’ve had several search engines questions that keep recurring for this site. One of the […]

Nicole’s word on limes

Our molé-mamacita, Nicole, offered me this–everything you ever needed to know about limes:

How much is a dollop?

I read the above question in the list of search terms that brought people to […]

What to do with too much pesto????

I saw the above question in the list of search terms that had brought people […]

The organized chef: Part II

In my last post, I closed with an invitation for you to think through what […]

The Organized Chef: Part I

For some of you, this series of posts will have no vital importance in your […]

A brief word about cookie sheets

This is important and warrants its own post. If at all possible, bake your cookies […]

A word about grilled garlic

Some things I just need to have on hand. Always. No matter what. Whole grilled […]

Clean-out-the-fridge Marinades

Meat on the grill is almost always better when it’s been marinating for a few […]


Ask my kids and they’ll wonder what that word, LEFTOVERS, means. Truly, we are in […]