Katya’s Borscht

Well, okay, this recipe/method came from a friend named Katie, but I thought Katya sounded […]

Hermana Rosita’s Authentic Pozole

One of the major reasons we keep our friend Nicole around is because she frequently […]

Chilaquiles: a new adventure in Mexican food!

To explain why I tried this dish tonight, I have to back up about 3 […]

Irish Lamb Stew

If corned beef and cabbage isn’t your style, here’s a tasty lamb stew. Irish Lamb […]

Irish Soda Bread

When I was a sophomore in college, I took a class on the history of […]

Baked Corned Beef

This really is the only way I can eat corned beef. (And to be honest, […]

St. Patrick's Day Dinner, Corned Beef

Kris’s Chalupa

My life is enormously enriched by a group of women that I fondly call My […]

Chile Verde–another recipe from a friend

I’ve been meaning to move a couple of wonderful recipes out of the comments in […]

Quick Chimichangas: guest post

A couple of weeks ago, commenter, Joe, posted his recipe for chimichangas. I want to […]

Really Quick Enchiladas

Okay, I realize that the VERY quickest thing would be to buy something prepared out […]

Chicken or Beef fajitas

In the very early years of our marriage, Dave and I visited his parents for […]

Tortilla Soup

It’s been snowing since noon and the day just begs for hot soup. When my […]

Moroccan curry–more fun food!

Tonight I was in the mood for fun food, and there’s nothing more fun than […]

Sour cream guacamole Chimichangas….definitely a method

We’re both going to write this post because we grew up making chimichangas together. Years […]

Authentic Mexican Food in Western Michigan? Who’da’thunk?

Yes, today we had a minor international experience. Like LB and her family, we are […]

Fresh Tomato salsa

This simple and fabulous recipe is such a key ingredient, I’m having trouble thinking why […]

Guacamole–another summer treat

With the weather hot and not conducive to hot kitchen activities, we’re always on the […]

Thai chicken wraps

I can’t remember at the moment if Barb has already posted these, but I made […]

Green Chile Chicken Pizza

In addition to garlic chicken pizza and pepperoni pizza last night, we had a green […]