Thai chicken wraps

I can’t remember at the moment if Barb has already posted these, but I made […]

Grilled Salmon

There are a number of ways to grill salmon, but for me, this is the […]

Salmon Spinach Pie

Actually, the salmon was left over from our feast of grilled salmon last Sunday night. […]

Green Chile Chicken Pizza

In addition to garlic chicken pizza and pepperoni pizza last night, we had a green […]

Garlic Chicken Pizza

This homemade Garlic Chicken Pizza is garlicky enough to give you your own special aura […]

Basic Pepperoni Pizza

I thought I should post some of my basic homemade pizza recipes. We eat pizza […]

BBQ Chicken Pizza

About the cheese on deep dish pizza…..I like Romano, myself–the kind you get in a […]

Deep Dish Pizza

This is for Matthew Johnson at Boars Head Tavern who was desperately looking for a […]