Food Rules

My dear friend, Kate, from Kate in the Kitchen, was twittering this morning and asked […]

One of Mom’s perfect recipes: Bran muffins

Bringing another favorite out of retirement here….these bran muffins are the PERFECT accompaniment to all […]

Baked oatmeal: not the porridge your grandma made!

My kids LOVE oatmeal. (Okay, I’ll also admit that one of them likes to eat […]

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Totally off-topic: Year End Giving

I realize that this is totally off-topic, but it’s pressing on MY mind and I […]

What kind of treat-eater are you? A photo essay.

As you continue to heroically soldier your way through the plates and tins of holiday […]

Happy Christmas from My Sister’s Kitchen!

We always appreciate our readers, at any time of the year, but we want to […]

Nell’s Lemon Bars, #24

December 24: As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to go for chocolate when it comes […]

What’s in YOUR Christmas meal plan?

It’s  Christmas Eve, and we do hope you have a plan for the special meals […]

Grandma’s Jan Hagel cookies, #1

December 1: My grandma was an amazing woman. She never went a day without cookies  in […]

Can we count pumpkin pie as a vegetable?

Why yes, I think we can. And we all know that vegetables are good for […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Sisters

If your home is anything like ours, things are already bustling in the kitchen. The […]

Is it time to push the Thanksgiving panic button NOW?

That’s a picture of my Thanksgiving turkey–still in the deep freeze, still frozen solid. I’m […]

How Much is a Million?

When I was a little girl, I remember wondering, “How much is a million?” Well, […]

Breaking food news…..

I had to share this:  my husband was reading a local weekly paper this afternoon, […]

The little things that make all the difference

I was discussing with my son Michael (who is also passionate about cooking good food)  […]


My Sister’s Kitchen is on Twitter now too! You can follow us at Sisters_Kitchen. Tweet […]

The Medieval Lords and Ladies Feast

One of the joys of homeschooling is getting to do fun things with other homeschool […]

Happy New Year from My Sister’s Kitchen!

As we step into the year 2009, we both want to take the time to […]

Merry Christmas from My Sister’s Kitchen

We hope that your homes are overflowing today with plenty of good food, good conversation, […]