What Makes Food Taste Good?

There’s more to good-tasting food than great flavors. There’s more than fresh, quality ingredients or […]

Vegetable Soup: the art of homemade soup

I didn’t know it as a child but I know it now: soupmaking is an […]

Conversations in the Grocery Store

It’s possible that I’m not as shy as I could be. I never pass up […]

Poor Man’s Scampi

Eating shrimp scampi is all well and good if you can afford to buy the […]

Apple Dapple Cake

This recipe comes from Grandma’s recipe box. There were more recipes in the “cakes and […]

Grandma’s Apple Crisp

Also from Grandma’s recipe box, written in her own hand, complete with some of her […]

Applesauce Nut Bread

When I was growing up, the favorite cookbook for both my mom and grandma was […]

The ends justify the beans

This is just a post to sing the praises of buying produce from a fruit […]

Cooking by Ear

I’ve coined a new phrase. Last night we were sitting on the grass in a […]

What WERE they thinking? Waldorf Moose (sic)

Some recipes are better left in the distant misty reaches of history. I wandered across […]

Blueberry crumble: a family recipe

Today we went blueberry picking. Blueberry picking here in Michigan is a family tradition. My […]

Does the language of love = the language of food?

Have you ever noticed that we often use food language when we’re speaking lovingly and […]

Kids in the kitchen: Following Directions

Somehow we ended up with a couple of packages of jello from somewhere. I don’t […]

Why we need sisters:

The following conversation illustrates why sisters are important when it comes to food: Laura: Is […]


I currently have a 15 year old boy staying in my house, who belongs to […]

How to Cook Fresh beets

“And what in the world are you going to do with THOSE?” the older woman […]

Another fun place to eat in Boone, NC

I want to recommend a great sandwich type of place that is very reasonable and […]

Of Cookie Bears and Worship

Years ago, this was my first step in the adventure of cooking with kids: Joshua […]