Simple Meals for Busy Moms

The worst thing about dinner is that it’s relentless. Dinner time shows up every.single.evening, without […]

Can we help?

Are you desperately trying to find a certain recipe? Have you searched our site for […]

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Happy Christmas to all our dear readers!

Barb and I would like to say thanks and Merry Christmas to all of you […]

Facebook page

We’ve been developing a facebook presence. Check us out! My Sister’s Kitchen Facebook Page. If you […]

She’s Baaaaaaaaaack……

I’m finally back online on my brand new computer! It is definitely time to post […]

Feeding a holiday crowd

Barb and I were talking about the fact that she’ll be hosting house-guests during the […]

Dream Bars–oh MY! #20

December 20: My dear friend Margaret (a real live Swedish woman who actually serves and […]

More appetizer ideas

My family (this is Laura speaking) travels to another town for Thanksgiving most years, and […]

Breaking food news…..

I had to share this:  my husband was reading a local weekly paper this afternoon, […]

Reprise of two favorite fall recipes

A couple of my guys suggested that for those of you who have only recently […]

Readers, can you help this lady?

Dear MSK Readers, A couple days ago, Nancy posted this question in the comments on […]

Skorpa (Swedish Toast)

I have got this wonderful scam…er…scheme that I’ve been working. I beg people for their […]

Where to eat in Phoenix and other oddments

I (Laura) am just back from a week of spring break-ing in Phoenix with my […]

Good Eating in Phoenix

You know how there are some tastes from childhood that just can’t be duplicated? Well, […]

Introducing another cooking blog

Click on over to check out Melissa’s cooking blog, Eat Well, Live Well. I’ve been […]

And can someone please tell me WHY…question about Pyrex

Pyrex loaf pans are considerably smaller these days? Over the years, I’ve broken a lot […]

Maybe I was dozing: question about barley

But some time in the last 18 months, BARLEY has gone from being something I […]

Cha Da Thai

Boone has a new Thai restaurant and we snuck out tonight to try it. I […]

The Virtual Kitchen is going to be quiet today

My Sister’s Kitchen is going to be quiet today for two reasons. Laura is out […]