Barb’s Kickin’ Cole Slaw – reprise with a photo

Thanks to my Dutch heritage I love getting a good deal. But can there be […]

The sordid truth about zucchini….

Recently sighted. This zucchini, part of the Witness Protection Plan, lives incognito somewhere in the […]

Making Sauerkraut at Home – time tested methods

Dave and I decided to try making homemade sauerkraut this year. Okay, Dave did all […]

Vigo rice: an item for your grocery list

A few years ago, my friend Spring put me onto a pre-processed, packaged food that […]

Freezing Fresh Beets

In the olden days, fruits and vegetables needed to be canned, dried, or pickled in […]

Hummus and its uses

I’ve grown to love hummus over the last several years, and feel virtuous about eating […]

The ends justify the beans

This is just a post to sing the praises of buying produce from a fruit […]

Fresh salsa recipes, since we’re in the mood

There are two other salsas that I really enjoy a lot. The first is a […]

Elote’….corn-on-the-cob only different

If you like corn on the cob, you will LOVE this variation. We always eat […]

What to do with too much pesto????

I saw the above question in the list of search terms that had brought people […]

Guacamole–another summer treat

With the weather hot and not conducive to hot kitchen activities, we’re always on the […]

Homemade Pesto anyone?

This morning we made our weekly pilgrimage to the local farmers market….ah, the sounds and […]

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A word about grilled garlic

Some things I just need to have on hand. Always. No matter what. Whole grilled […]

How to Cook Fresh beets

“And what in the world are you going to do with THOSE?” the older woman […]