Ginger’s Oven-roasted Ratatouille

About three weeks ago, my friend Ginger started my Ratatouille journey with a gift of […]

Roasted Ratatouille with venison

Catherine’s Ratatouille

  I have a confession. I’ve never liked eggplant. Not even a little. Until I […]

flavorful ratatouille

How to make Homemade Polenta

One of our new favorite side dishes is polenta. For awhile we bought pre-made polenta […]

homemade polenta

Gourmet Chicken and Red Pepper Quesadillas

This week I needed something fast and easy for dinner and this was the happy […]

stack of chicken and pepper quesadillas

Greek Pizza — a homemade pizza recipe to love

Pizza. It always comes back to homemade pizza. A meteor could be racing towards earth, […]

Greek Pizza

Mexican Casserole to feed a crowd

The reality of my life is that I OFTEN feed a crowd.  The other reality […]

Casserole with Pico de Gallo

Munching with MOPS: Black Bean & Turkey Sausage Soup

Every other Tuesday I have the privilege of spending time with a very special group […]

Tracy G for Black Bean & Sausage Soup

Spinach Sausage Manicotti with Three Cheeses

We’ve always loved manicotti and this week we came up with a new variation on […]

baked stuffed manicotti

Sweet Potato Bar

Yep, I’m still on the sweet potato kick. Remember that I have about 85 pounds […]

grated cheese on sweet potatoes

Lime Cilantro Rice

I’m always looking for ways to dress up the basics. Rice is definitely a basic […]

citrus cilantro rice

Hearty Pumpkin Soup

We recently had a visit from some friends who’ve spent ten years living in Sweden. […]

bowl of pumpkin soup

Thanksgiving Dinner: Sweet Potatoes & Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potato Casserole is a quintessential Thanksgiving dinner sidedish. There are a number of variations […]

sweet potatoes for thanksgiving casseroles

Warm Potato Salad

Yes, I’m still finding ways to use the scrumptious oven-roasted tomatoes I made a few weeks […]

Tomatoes stuffed with Bleu cheese and crab

These delicious treats started out as appetizers and ended up being dinner! I’m still using […]

Roasted Tomato and Poblano Pepper Soup

Not all tomato soups are created equal. Some are WAYYYYYY more equal than others and […]

Roasted Tomato Potato Soup

So have you been wondering what to do with those fabulous oven-roasted tomatoes? Yes, you […]

Oven-roasted Tomatoes

Oven-roasted tomatoes, where have you BEEN all my life? I was initially just trying to […]

Creamy Romano Mushroom Sauce with Penne

This Creamy Romano Mushroom Sauce with Penne started when we ate recently at the Olive […]

CSA Bounty + Pesto vegetable ragout

I realized tonight as I was happily chopping vegetables in my finally-NOT-blazing-hot kitchen, that I’ve […]

Melissa’s Calico Beans

Right before Labor Day seems like a good time to post this recipe from my […]