Quick Summer Salad with Tomatoes and Artichokes

I needed something really QUICK to serve with BBQ beef sandwiches tonight. My family liked […]

Taco salad!

I made taco salad for dinner last night, and I thought I should post it […]

Cucumber and Tomato Salad with Yogurt Cumin Dressing

We were blessed to share a meal with our friends, Darren and Sita, on Saturday. […]

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Auntie Joan brought this flavorful salad to a family reunion a few years back. Since […]

Chilaquiles: a new adventure in Mexican food!

To explain why I tried this dish tonight, I have to back up about 3 […]

Tofu Manicotti

Tofu Manicotti is an awesome dish that I originally got from Susi in the very […]

Green Chile Chicken Pizza

In addition to garlic chicken pizza and pepperoni pizza last night, we had a green […]