Nicole’s word on limes

Our molé-mamacita, Nicole, offered me this–everything you ever needed to know about limes:

The ends justify the beans

This is just a post to sing the praises of buying produce from a fruit […]

Auntie Karen’s Southwest Chicken

This isn’t exactly a Mexican recipe, but it would go very nicely on your buffet […]

Chuck’s Green Flash Cocktail

One of the enduring traditions here in this little vacation community (started over 100 years […]

Spectacular dessert ahead: Bananas Flambées

Several years ago, I pulled this from a little cookbook that was only recipes using […]

Photos of Blueberry coffee Cake

My honey just posted some photos of the Blueberry coffee cake I wrote about before. […]

Moroccan curry–more fun food!

Tonight I was in the mood for fun food, and there’s nothing more fun than […]

Freezing tons and tons of blueberries

We have a favorite u-pick blueberry patch here in Michigan, as I’ve mentioned a few […]

Cooking by Ear

I’ve coined a new phrase. Last night we were sitting on the grass in a […]

Fresh salsa recipes, since we’re in the mood

There are two other salsas that I really enjoy a lot. The first is a […]

How much is a dollop?

I read the above question in the list of search terms that brought people to […]

Doug Born’s Smokehouse & Sausage Kitchen

I have to give a quick plug for our favorite place in western Michigan to […]

Crispy Baked Chicken: Making do with what you have

Today, my youngest son Michael and I exercised all our creative powers in this very […]

Sour cream guacamole Chimichangas….definitely a method

We’re both going to write this post because we grew up making chimichangas together. Years […]

Watermelon pickles…or is it candy?

I invited our honorary sister Nicole (she of the welcomed abundance of post-church-potluck molé) to […]

Authentic Mexican Food in Western Michigan? Who’da’thunk?

Yes, today we had a minor international experience. Like LB and her family, we are […]

Romaine raspberry almond salad

Since the fall raspberries are starting to come in here (I’m planning to go pick […]

Fresh Tomato salsa

This simple and fabulous recipe is such a key ingredient, I’m having trouble thinking why […]

Blueberry Coffee Cake: Resourceful Cooking on vacation

Every year we spend time in Michigan, living in a hundred year old cottage. This […]

Nate’s Blogging now!

I’d like to introduce my son, Nate, who has just started blogging at The Cookful […]