How to Cook Fresh beets

“And what in the world are you going to do with THOSE?” the older woman […]

Slight changes on the crab puff directions

I am making a couple of changes on the Crab Puff Directions.   This doesn’t really […]

Grilled Salmon

There are a number of ways to grill salmon, but for me, this is the […]

Salmon Spinach Pie

Actually, the salmon was left over from our feast of grilled salmon last Sunday night. […]

A moment of teen brilliance with tuna and cole slaw

We had leftover cole slaw  from last night. One of the boys stirred in a […]

Indiscretions with homemade crab puffs

Homemade crab puffs? Could we figure out how to make them?  The guys all went […]

Another fun place to eat in Boone, NC

I want to recommend a great sandwich type of place that is very reasonable and […]

Homemade Fudge Sauce

There’s nothing tastier over a big bowl of ice cream than homemade chocolate sauce. Our […]

Green Chile Chicken Pizza

In addition to garlic chicken pizza and pepperoni pizza last night, we had a green […]

Want some ice cream with that Homemade Caramel Sauce?

Nothing beats homemade Caramel Sauce. Last night we had some old friends over for dinner […]

Amazing Clean-out-the-fridge Seafood Pasta Salad

We spent a few days at a beach house with my brother and sister-in-law (first […]

The World’s Best Brownies

I’m always tweaking recipes and adding extra ingredients and flavors to things. Once I had […]

Of Cookie Bears and Worship

Years ago, this was my first step in the adventure of cooking with kids: Joshua […]

Kids in the Kitchen

The truth is that the more time kids spend in the kitchen, the more they […]

Cheddar/Green onion Biscuits

A new variation on an old theme (and we are ALWAYS looking for new variations, […]

Past the legal limit

“What in the world are you doing with FOUR pizza stones????” the woman asked me […]

Garlic Chicken Pizza

This homemade Garlic Chicken Pizza is garlicky enough to give you your own special aura […]

Basic Pepperoni Pizza

I thought I should post some of my basic homemade pizza recipes. We eat pizza […]


Spirits bound by birth and blood and Grace. Now bond in love in trust and […]


Ask my kids and they’ll wonder what that word, LEFTOVERS, means. Truly, we are in […]