Homemade Applesauce

This week I’m making applesauce…a LOT of applesauce. This batch, and probably most of the […]

spoonful of homemade applesauce

Hana’s Healthy Apple Muffins

During our recent cottage vacation, I got to spend time with all of my beautiful […]

Apple cider cinnamon jelly–a fast, easy holiday gift!

Right about now, you are starting the whirlwind of Christmas parties at office, church, school, […]

Rummy Apple Cider Syrup

I’ve been intrigued with recipes I’ve found recently in some of those beautiful cookbooks with […]

Apples Baked in Cointreau

Apples Baked in Cointreu This second dessert is much richer and definitely not for the […]

Baked Apple Slices

Baked Sliced Apples This is an easy dessert that actually clocks in as pretty healthy. […]

Apple Crostata

Yesterday I introduced a guest poster, Molly, who shared her delicious Chestnut Dressing recipe with […]

Reprise of two favorite fall recipes

A couple of my guys suggested that for those of you who have only recently […]

Dutch Apple Pie

While I love cheese on my regular apple pie, nothing beats a dollop of good […]

Plain ol’ Apple Pie

I grew up hearing my dad proclaim, “Apple pie without the cheese is like a […]

Apple Tartlets

I made these little treats to serve after our Christmas eve dinner. They were so […]

Pictures of apple dumplings and banket

I finally got around to making that last batch of banket and the first batch […]

Hot Spiced Cider

For the next several months, my house will smell like hot, spiced cider about 75% […]

Revisiting the Apple Butter question

I want to make this a separate post on apple butter for two reasons. First, […]

What an apple-y day! Sauce, butter, pies, dehydrated “chips”

Remember that post about ugly apples? Well, yesterday, we had the opportunity to go DEEP […]

Apple Cinnamon Baked French Toast

This recipe has a story–as many of my recipes do. When I was in my […]

Applesauce Butterscotch Coffee Cake

When I was a first-grader I walked to school every day with June Roubos who […]

Chocolate Applesauce Cake

This is a variation on the applesauce cake that I posted before. Since chocolate is […]

Sugarless* Apple Bundt Cake

This is a fun recipe. It’s important to note that this recipe is sugarless in […]

Apples, apples, ugly apples everywhere

Last night we spent a couple of hours picking apples off an ancient (a couple […]