Hearty Homemade Beef Stock

Three weeks ago I mentioned that an important ingredient of French Onion Soup is a […]

roasting veggies for beef stock

Mini Meatloaf with a touch of the Southwest

It’s meat loaf time at our house! I know I’ve mentioned a few times that […]

mini meatloaf in ramekins

Slow-cooked BBQ Pork or Beef

Beautiful smells of slow-cooking barbecue are already wafting through my kitchen and it’s only 9:00 […]

Hearty Beef stew

Beef stew is a staple menu item at my house for these cold winter months […]

Baked Corned Beef

This really is the only way I can eat corned beef. (And to be honest, […]

St. Patrick's Day Dinner, Corned Beef

Quick Chimichangas: guest post

A couple of weeks ago, commenter, Joe, posted his recipe for chimichangas. I want to […]

Venison-Pork Sausage Meatloaf

Since we have a freezer full of venison and pork, Dave has been on the […]

Chicken or Beef fajitas

In the very early years of our marriage, Dave and I visited his parents for […]

Simple pot roast in the crock

In the days approaching Thanksgiving, some of you are already in a flurry of activity, […]

Pesto-red onion Hamburger Pockets

It’s a new invention! I didn’t feel like grilling burgers out in the snow flurries, […]

Yummy Beef Stroganoff: another Auntie Karen special

Years ago, Auntie Karen passed this recipe along to me. I never liked beef stroganoff […]

Homemade Beef Jerky

Years ago, Auntie Karen introduced our family to homemade beef jerky. We behaved immoderately with […]