Coca Cola Cake

My mom served this Coca Cola Cake last week when I was visiting and I […]

chocolate coca cola cake

Mardi Gras Sweet Potato Bread

Added Note: It’s been brought to my attention that this post ALMOST contains a recipe […]

bread made of purple and orange sweet potatoes

Kahlua Cake

This unassuming-looking cake was the finale to an impromptu dinner with our dear friends Tim […]

Coconut Cake

A couple of days ago I posted Ellen’s Coconut Pound Cake. One of my readers […]

Reprise of two favorite fall recipes

A couple of my guys suggested that for those of you who have only recently […]

Sweet potato bread

I made this recipe up several years ago by combining what I judged to be […]

Fresh Apple Cake: a classic recipe

We talk about Nate’s chocolate cake as our favorite cake in the world. BUT. It’s […]

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