Coca Cola Cake

My mom served this Coca Cola Cake last week when I was visiting and I […]

chocolate coca cola cake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

When is the perfect time to eat hot-out-the-oven homemade peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips? […]

two chocolate chip peanut butter cookies

Death by Chocolate

I find that there are many occasions during the summer when we gather with friends […]

Good Goopy Easy Chocolate Dessert

One of our readers, Mary, who lives in Costa Rica, just sent me this recipe. […]

We’re in Deeeeeeeep Truffle

I can’t help myself. On Saturday a good friend slipped me some samples of  her […]

Quick and beautiful dessert idea

I had a group of women coming over to my house tonight for dessert, and […]

Auntie Joan’s Chocolate Fondue

By now, you all know that we are both ALL FOR Fun Food.  Fondue is […]

Cappucino Truffles

NOW we’re talking chocolate! We were at a Christmas party on Saturday night and were […]

Lisa’s Famous Chocolate Mousse

We have begun an annual Christmas tradition with another family in our church–the Annual Christmas […]

An old-fashioned chocolate malt

Ahhhh! I just got home from an arduous rehearsal after an arduous day (picking berries […]

Homemade chocolate cake made from scratch

This is the BEST homemade chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. My son Nate makes it […]

Homemade Fudge Sauce

There’s nothing tastier over a big bowl of ice cream than homemade chocolate sauce. Our […]