Eggnog Holiday Fudge

I wanted to find one new recipe this holiday season and this is it. We’ve […]

Planning Ahead for Christmas

Yes, it’s true. In 18 days, Christmas Eve will be upon us. I can hardly […]

Christmas candle

Christmas Cookies: checking in here and there

We’ve been snowed in for two days and this really is a perfect time to […]

Anniversary Christmas ornament

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Leftover Cranberry Sauce Muffins!

The very last of my Thanksgiving leftovers became cranberry muffins and the very first of […]

Is Thanksgiving Ham more your speed?

Although turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving entree, some folks like a baked ham for the […]

Merry Christmas from My Sister’s Kitchen

We hope that your homes are overflowing today with plenty of good food, good conversation, […]

Christmas Menus in My Sister’s Kitchen

Barb and I agreed it would be fun to share a snapshot of what’s going […]

Christmas Baking!

Christmas-time is the best time of the year for baking, in our opinion. There are […]

Christmas on Purpose

We were doing the Sunday morning “meet and greet” during the first few minutes of […]

Christmas menus from Barb’s Kitchen, 2007

My mother-in-law is visiting us this Christmas. She appreciates excellent food, so we plan to […]

Christmas menus at Laura’s house, 2007

I am incurably nosey about what people are eating, and I assume that many of […]

A Neighborhood Dessert Party

I decided this year that we needed to have a party so we could meet […]

Christmas Eve….can we keep the main thing, the main thing?

I’m sitting here in the waning afternoon, listening to Handel’s Messiah for the third time […]

Last minutes gift ideas from the kitchen

Invariably, at least once during each Christmas season, I have a moment of panic when […]

Christmas menus at Barb’s house

Laura reminded me this morning that I need to take a few minutes to share […]

Christmas menus at Laura’s house

Barb and I agreed that we should each do a post on our various menus […]

Creating traditional meals for Christmas

Laura and I will both be sharing some of our traditional Christmas meals. The fact […]

Miss Diane’s Christmas Toffee

About a hundred years ago, my boys all took gymnastics for a few years from […]

Easy, no-fail fudge

I spent many years trying to actually make fudge that WORKED. Then I married Dave […]

Auntie Karen’s Homemade Caramels

Years ago, when my children were tiny, auntie Karen gave me this recipe. These homemade […]