Curried Rice Salad: perfect for hot weather

The last week has been unpleasantly warm and muggy. I’m often reminded by my friends […]

Crab Asiago Pizza

This homemade pizza is my new favorite. It started out as a pizza that was using […]

Traci’s Crab Cioppino

While Dave was searching for his ultimate Cioppino recipe, my friend Traci gave me her […]

DK’s Christmas Eve Cioppino

Several years ago, my husband, Dave, set out to make cioppino for our special Christmas […]

Hot Crab Dip

This is another variation on crab dip that sounds yummy. Auntie Joan emailed it to […]

Upping the stakes on crab dip

I just couldn’t resist. I had to keep tweaking my original crab dip recipe (although […]

Cucumber Crab dip

I realize that this builds on a recipe I’ve already posted for crab puffs, but […]

Slight changes on the crab puff directions

I am making a couple of changes on the Crab Puff Directions.   This doesn’t really […]

Indiscretions with homemade crab puffs

Homemade crab puffs? Could we figure out how to make them?  The guys all went […]