Fresh Pineapple in Rum

Yesterday I saw a photo of a jar of pineapple soaking in rum and it […]

Rum and pineapple mingle flavors

Laura Bee’s Sweet Tea

    When we moved to the southeastern part of the US, there was one […]

Orange Blush Cocktail

We’ve invented a beautiful new pre-dinner cocktail, and had to share a photo and the […]

Summer Sangria de Naranja

Here’s another treat from Mom’s Little Blue Book–I recommend a pretty pitcher and some scheduled […]

How to pour a Black ‘n’ Tan

A tradition in the Kelley house for the past 10 years is the Black and […]

St. Patrick's Day Dinner Black 'n' Tan

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee has traditionally been served on St. Patrick’s Day at Dave’s house for as […]

Hot Buttered Rum

This is NOT a recipe that Michael suggested, mostly because he’s never had hot buttered […]

Homemade Hot Chocolate

My son Michael is a very serious young man who likes to make sure that […]

Russian Tea Mix

One of the fun gifts we got this year was a decorative jar full of […]


I’m always looking for beautiful food gifts to give at holiday times. I used to […]

Egg Nog Punch

I attended a cookie exchange and lunch yesterday at a friend’s house. Nine of us […]

Boeren Jonges

About twenty-three years ago my Grandpa asked me to spend the evening with him learning […]

Holiday Liqueurs

As usual, I realized today that I’m running a little behind on some of my […]

Hot Spiced Cider

For the next several months, my house will smell like hot, spiced cider about 75% […]

Lingering Green Flash question #2 and #3

Origins, Layering, and Gravity sum up the remaining questions some of you have been asking […]

An old-fashioned chocolate malt

Ahhhh! I just got home from an arduous rehearsal after an arduous day (picking berries […]

H. C. Kelley’s Sidecars: another cottage tradition

Dave reminices about his grandpa’s favorite drink recipe: “From when I was very young I […]

Indian Chai Tea

Auntie Karen has travelled extensively in India and one of the recipes that she’s brought […]

Jim’s Best Santa Fe Margaritas

For years, my father-in-law, Jim, made the only really good margaritas on the planet. And […]