Homemade Halloween Treats are the Best

  Okay, nobody is actually going to make a convincing case that these tasty treats […]

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Candied Bacon: Halloween Treats for the Adults

First we took something that almost everyone loves: bacon. Then we made it so delicious […]

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Homemade Halloween Treats to share

It’s time to start thinking about making some homemade Halloween treats again. This week has […]

Homemade halloween treats

Halloween Treats: Easy Homemade Peanut Butter Popcorn Balls

These are fun Halloween treats that have gotten high ratings from my kids personal panel […]

Halloween Treats: Brownies with an Attitude

My homemade brownie recipe is probably my favorite go-to quick treat whenever I have to bring […]

Halloween Treats: Homemade Krispy Rice Treats

I have to admit something: I love Rice Krispy Treats. Somehow they don’t exactly seem […]

Karmel Korn (aka Homemade Caramel Corn)

Don’t ask me why Caramel and Corn are spelled with a K; some recipes you […]

Our Fun Halloween tradition

As a family, we’ve never been much into celebrating Halloween, but we do have a […]

Gingerbread–a classic seasonal treat

I’m delighted to haul out one of my favorite holiday recipes. I’ll make this gingerbread […]