Egg Rolls: baked not fried!

We LOVE egg rolls around here. I’ve been apologizing for our homemade eggrolls for quite […]

baked egg rolls

More on Pressed Sandwiches

I know that I’ve already written about pressed sandwiches here but I can’t resist coming […]

An amazing pressed sandwich

Pot Roast Soup

One of the quintessential comfort food meals is Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions. […]

Pot Roast Soup with French bread

Mexican Casserole to feed a crowd

The reality of my life is that I OFTEN feed a crowd.  The other reality […]

Casserole with Pico de Gallo

Jambalaya Pizza: What Kinda Pizza IZZAT?????

We were still replete with Michele’s wonderful jambalaya when Michael had his Great Brainstorm. He […]

Tasty Turkey Leftover Tip

We had a lot of cranberry relish leftover from yesterday…so for lunch we’re slicing thick […]

Making deviled turkey

When you’re using up leftover Thanksgiving turkey there is a moment when all the good […]

Turkey Potpie with an unusual crust

I’m seriously anticipating some wonderful Thanksgiving leftovers. This is a variation that I first tried […]

Turkey Casserole

This is a delicious and different turkey casserole made from leftover Thanksgiving turkey. When I […]

Getting ready for turkey leftovers

One of the best things about the Thanksgiving turkey is the wealth of leftovers. In […]


Ask my kids and they’ll wonder what that word, LEFTOVERS, means. Truly, we are in […]